Thursday, December 31, 2015

7 Tips for Meeting Your Future In-Laws

It doesn’t matter if you’ve met your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s family a thousand times, this time you’re engaged! It’s a whole different ball game! And trust me, no one wants what occurred in the movie Meet the Parents to happen to them. So score big with your future-in-laws by following these 7 tips.

Dress to Impress

Gentlemen, please don’t show up with tattered, torn jeans, concert t-shirts, etc. Ladies, no miniskirts, sweat pants, or skin-tight articles of clothing. This is the time you really want to impress each other’s family members. And ladies, be sure your nails are looking great. Get yourself a manicure to really show off that sparkly ring. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did when everybody asks to see the rock your man picked out for you.

Be Nice and Polite

This is the time your manners and all of your mama’s teachings need to shine. Don’t reply back to questions with “yup” or “yeah”. This time is all about saying “yes”, “please”, and “thank you.”  And if you’re from the South, it can’t hurt to add in a ma’am or a sir after an answer! Your future in-laws might not remember everything you said throughout the night but they will remember how polite you were, so make it count!

Remember the Little Stuff

Don’t walk into your future in-laws house unprepared! You need to do some homework and really take the time to learn what each family member likes to talk about, their pet peeves, and something you might have in common with them. Also, ask your significant other what your parents didn’t like about your ex. It will help prepare you so you don’t feel like you’re walking into a lion’s den.

The Name Issue

One of the toughest obstacles to overcome after you get engaged is what you should call your in-laws. The best way to beat it is to simply ask what they would prefer to be called. Although this might feel awkward, it’s one of the surest ways you can prevent a grimace from crossing their face.

Show Interest and Enthusiasm

Everyone loves when someone is attentive and enthusiastic, so be sure to be just that when you’re talking to your future in-laws. Nothing shows greater disrespect then looking uninterested, tapping your foot, looking around the room, etc. So sit up, make eye contact, lean forward, and nod when it’s appropriate.

Be Nice

It doesn’t matter who they are, how you meet them, what they do, or where they live, be nice to everyone you may encounter. How you act towards other people (even animals) is how your future in-laws will perceive you to really be “behind the scenes.”

Don’t be Fake

Although we suggested you be nice and use your manners, one of the most important things to remember is to not be fake. People can spot fakers from a mile away, and you, my friend, do not want to be labeled as one. Be yourself and be friendly. Besides, people love when a person gives a warm, genuine smile.

And last but certainly not least, breathe. The more uptight and anxious you become, the more tense the situation will be. You’ll do just fine, we promise! For more helpful tips and tricks, be sure to keep up with Inspherio. We’re your headquarters for all things wedding!  

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You're Engaged, Now What? First 6 Wedding Planning To-Dos

Hooray and congratulations! You’re engaged to the man of your dreams with the ring of your dreams, and I know you couldn’t be happier. But as the shock of the whole idea wears off, a lot of events are about to start happening, and you’ll have a lot to plan for. So without any further delay, here are the first six must-dos to start the wedding planning process.

1. Know the Budget

Before the talk of wedding dates or venues, you first need to set a budget. Without a budget, you’ll have no basis for which season or day you can get married in, or the location of all the festivities. Think about it, do you want to get married in a $10,000 venue in the mountains but only have enough money left to cover a $500 photographer and a $750 DJ? We didn’t think so! So before anything, sit down with your fiancé and decide on a budget.

Afraid you’ll miss something in the budget? Check out these 15 wedding expenses almost everybody forgets about.  

2. Research the Date

So after setting the budget, the next thing you’ll have to do is pick the date! Before you can contact the venue or any other vendors, you have to be able to tell them the date you’re wanting to book. Now, be sure to research the date you pick to make sure no other big event is occurring during that time. Remember when the Pope visited this September? Everywhere in DC or Philadelphia was shut completely down. There were no hotels, no transportation options, no anything! So for people wanting to get married that day, well, it was a complete blackout. Although you can’t always plan your big day around papal visits, be sure to do some research so you’re not sharing your big moment with someone else.

3. Draft Your Guest List

You just have to know (and so do the venue and vendors) how many people are coming to your wedding. Before selecting the site, you need to make sure you have a general idea of how many people you’ll be inviting. Keep in mind as you plan out your list, the higher the number of guests, the higher your budget will need to be.

4. High Priority Vendors

After you have the guest list and budget figured out, it’s now time to book the vendors. Oftentimes, great venues and photographers book up at least a year in advance, so you’ll want to get to that as soon as possible. When we say high priority, we mean vendors who you absolutely love and have to have on your big day.

5. Choose Your Bridal Party

So your honey popped the question to you, now it’s your turn. Think to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to join your bridal party. Keep in mind though, you’ll want to ask them sooner rather than later. They are agreeing to help you on your big day, as well as fork over a good chunk of change to be a part of it. So make sure you show them a good time and how much you appreciate them by asking them to be a part of your bridal party in a cute way.

6. Dress Shopping

A lot of women want to wait a few months, slim down, tone their arms, grow their hair, etc. before they start shopping for their dress. Unfortunately, as wedding dresses are beginning to get more and more elaborate, you need to say yes to the dress as soon as possible. And before you walk into a dress salon, we advise that you read up on the dress lingo, know your estimated size, and be willing to try on various styles and designs.

Congrats again, newly engaged! We hope you have fun planning, designing, and dreaming about your wedding day. But remember, the big day is all about you and your significant other so whatever you decide and plan will be perfect. Cheers to the start of a new life and planning adventures!

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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Story: 4 Ways You Can Write Your Client's Story

It’s that time of year again where we reminisce about the past year. Sometimes people speak about it, others might use music, but when it comes to telling your client’s story, writing truly is the best way. Now, not all of us believe we have what it takes to write a story without overcrowding it with pictures, but I’m here to tell you that you do!

Of course I understand the pressure. When it comes time to recall your client’s big day in words, your memory becomes a jumbled mess. You forget how to describe what you’ve seen, heard, or felt.

Although there might be challenges, telling your client’s story on your business blog or social media accounts is important. Why, you ask? Well, stories have a way of capturing the beauty of the day, but they also show that you care more about your clients and see beyond the contract and paycheck. And that my friend, sends more of a message to potential clients than any other marketing campaign ever could.

So, since this is a gift-giving season, Inspherio is here to help you capture and tell your client’s story without falling flat on the details.

1. Use the Know Your Event Feature from Inspherio

The Know Your Event feature was designed to make consultations go more smoothly. But it can also be used to help you remember the small, but special, details of your client’s big day. The Know Your Event feature allows you to customize questions so that you can ask important ones such as, “How did you get engaged?”, “Please share three things that you love about each other,” etc. Their answers can jumpstart your creativity.

2. Ask Their Friends and Family

Still worried you won’t remember every detail about the big day? Well, ask for help! Ask the bride’s and groom’s friends and family to recall their favorite part of the wedding, describe how the event looked, and how they felt during it. This will be a sweet tribute to your client’s to see all of their friends tell a little something special about their big day. And it gives you an easier way to write their story.

3. Social Media to the Rescue

Social media is a great way to make your clients’ event more than just a wedding. By including personal information about your clients that you find on social media, like when they graduated college, their careers, etc. you help separate them and make their story something more than just a wedding tale.

4. Perfection is Overrated

If grammar and sentence structure are holding you back from writing a story about your clients, I’m here to tell you to move on! Although grammar is important, there is no need to fret about em dashes and placement of commas. What’s more important is that you write a story that is heartfelt, thoughtful, and speaks to your clients. Share what’s meaningful about your clients and the rest will fall into place.

While I hope you find these tips useful for telling your client’s story, I also wanted to wish you a very happy holiday! The Inspherio Crew will be out of the office celebrating the holiday with family today. However, if you need any emergency support with your account, we will be offering 24/7 email support. You can email us at But don’t worry, we’ll be back on Monday, December 28th.

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Get Ready for Engagement Season!

Holiday lights aren’t the only thing sparkling this season. Oh yeah, step aside Santa, it’s engagement season! Couples are giddy, dreaming about their new life and their perfect wedding. This is a (as Donald Trump would say) HUGE time for wedding planners. So are you ready to gain new clients, plan beautiful weddings, and make some money? Here are 5 fool-proof ways to get you ready to handle the engagement season rush.

1. Revamp and Dust Yourself off

How long has it been since you last updated your logo or tagline?  Well, the time to attract more people is now. It’s time to dust your marketing materials off and give them a fresh look. Whether that means you need to make yourself new business cards, update your email marketing content, or change your social media images, anything that gives your business there appearance of change can help. So do it!

2. Evaluate Your Pricing

Is what you’re offering competitive? Is it fair? These are questions you should be asking yourself as your prepare for engagement season. One of the first items on a couple’s budget and to-do list is finding a wedding planner. So you might want to start thinking about updating your prices before the beginning of the new year. Our advice is to increase your prices by 10%. If your services cost $5,000, you’ll up your prices by $500. Not too bad of an increase if you ask us.

3. Give Your Website a Facelift

Online is the first place people turn to to find a wedding planner, which means your website is the first impression they get of your services—make it count. Your website has an estimated three seconds to make a good impression, pretty stressful, right? Our suggestion is to post as many pictures as possible on your site. The reason sites like Pinterest are so successful is because they help bring the vision to life. By using images of the style and previous weddings you’ve planned, potential clients will be more trusting of what you can do for them.

4. Add to Your Vendor List

You have a small group of vendors that you’ve worked with for a while; we think that’s great! However, it might be time to update and find more vendors to add to your list. Couples trust that you can find the services they need for their event. Our advice is to branch out a little and find vendors who offer a variety of services. Your potential clients will be more inclined to use your services if they see you offer a wide range of vendors to choose from.

5. Trust in Inspherio

Inspherio is designed to be your all-in-one event planning program. We have features that can help you manage your business a little easier. From Know Your Event, to Invoices and Contracts, to keeping all of your events organized, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without Inspherio. And the best part—we offer world-class support. So we’re always there anytime you need us, day and night!

Don’t let engagement season take over! Get your business ready with these tips, and trust Inspherio to help you plan the perfect event. Like we always say, we’re here to help you plan your success.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Premier of Star Wars Themed Weddings

Spoiler Alert! We’re about to let you in on how to throw the best Star Wars themed wedding of all time.

The release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here! And yes, everyone is talking about it. This movie is so anticipated and talked about that it’s even taken over the wedding world. Oh yeah, that’s right; Star Wars weddings are happening!

But let’s be honest, planning, and executing a Star Wars themed wedding is tough. You’re walking the line between throwing a kid’s party or hosting a super nerd-a-thon. So, we’re here to help you plan the perfect Star Wars themed wedding with these classy, chic, kind of nerdy ideas.

Engagement Pictures

“I think you can’t bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight.”
Han Solo

Leave it to Han Solo to say something flattering about himself, but hey, who could blame him? He made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. But back to the main point, why not jump in on the Star Wars theme early with your engagement pictures?

Why not use a chalkboard and write a Star Wars reference or quote? For example, you could use the lines that were exchanged between Leia and Han, before he is torn away from her by Stormtroopers.
Leia: “I love you”
Han: “I know”

Or, you can dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia, grab a pair of blasters, and zoom around in the Millennium Falcon saving the galaxy. The options are endless here. So get out there and have some fun with it. I mean really, when else do you get to dress up as awesome characters and take engagement photos?

Out-of-this-Galaxy Invitations

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”


Stun your guests and let them in on the type of event you’ll be planning with an out-of this-galaxy invitation. But, to make sure your guests know this is still a formal occasion, keep your invitation chic and classy. Check out this beautiful invitation designed by the WickedPress shop. This would work perfect for your wedding: classy, chic, and out of this world. If you must include the Death Star somewhere on the invitation, I’m sure you can always find a way.

Darth Vader Cufflinks

“It’s a trap.”
-Admiral Ackbar


Not wanting to go too over the top with the Star Wars theme? No problem, check out these awesome Darth Vader cufflinks available for purchase from our friends at TheBlueAgaveStudio. It’s a simple way to include the dark side on your big day.

Character Appearances Throughout the Event

“The force is strong with this one”
Darth Vader

No Star Wars themed wedding could ever be complete without the appearance of some key players. How cool would it be for your guests to snap some pictures with Darth Vader or Chewie? We agree, pretty cool! Or, you could set up a photobooth with plenty of costumes to let your guests dress up and get their pictures taken.

New Take on Your Wedding Pictures

“Use the force, Luke”
Obi Wan

What better way to spice up your wedding pictures than photoshopping in some AT-ATs to your pictures! You and your new groom can be standing side by side with lightsabers in your hand, ready to save the galaxy together! Nothing could be more romantic, am I right?

The Imperial Bridal March

“Do or do not...there is no try.”

Forget the classic bridal march or Pachelbel's Canon in D, why not make a grand entrance with the Imperial March playing in the background? I mean, sure, it sounds a bit menacing but it will get a few laughs and grins from your guests. The Imperial March will show your true might as a couple. And there are great versions of this song, so feel free to search around until you find the one you like. Just listen to this version, we got goosebumps from it!

Character Reference Instead of Table Numbers

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
Basically everyone in Star Wars


When it comes to decorating your reception tables, forget the number system. Give your tables a splash of Star Wars love by labelling the tables based on characters’ names or the groups of people: Jedi, the Droids, Stormtroopers, etc. How cool would it be to have a competition between tables, such as who has the best dance moves the Jedis, the Droids, or Darth Vader? And you can give each table a prop based upon their characters.

Millennium Falcon Guestbook

“Hello. I don’t believe we have been introduced. R2-D2? A pleasure to meet you. I am C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations”


Well if you’re going to have a Star Wars themed wedding, why not have your very own Star Wars themed guest book? The ShapeofLove sells these chic guest books that will be perfect on your big day. And make sure you have a bubbly guest book attendant to have your guests smiling as soon as they arrive.

A Stellar Wedding Cake

“Greed can be a very powerful ally”
Qui-Gon Jinn


You’re absolutely right, Qui-Gon Jinn. Greed can be a great ally, especially when you’re greedy for cake! Star Wars up your wedding cake with cute figurines or with the Death Star made out of fondant. Everyone loves cake, so make sure yours really captures the awesomeness that is Star Wars and your wedding.

Lightsaber Send-off

“Remember the force will be with you, always.”
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Forget the sparklers, the confetti, the roses, the whatever else people throw at you while you’re leaving the wedding. Get sent off in the most perfect way—with lightsabers. Give your guests lightsabers to raise above you as you and your new honey leave. It’s a new twist on the traditional send-off and one you (and your guests) will never forget.

So, are you ready to throw the best Star Wars themed wedding? Why, of course you are! And for all those who need to be refreshed on their Star Wars knowledge, here’s an adorable three-year-old’s take on one of the world’s most popular movie series..

So until next time, remember to trust yourself, use Inspherio, and let the force be with you!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

9 Cringe-Worthy Wedding Planning Moments (and How to Handle Them)

You’re planning the wedding of your dreams; there’s no stress, no up-tight moments, until, well until awkwardness strikes. I mean, how do you possibly tell someone that their child isn’t invited, or, that you’d rather take cash as your wedding gift? Like we said, awkward!

Although awkward moments are bound to occur, we have the answers to how to handle them. Want to know the secret? Keep reading for our 9 cringe-worthy wedding planning moments and how to handle them.

1. Bridesmaid: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

They’re your best friends from college; they got your through exams and bad breakups, but your wedding isn’t going to be big enough to have 27 bridesmaids. So, how do you tell your friends that you’re not including them in your wedding party? (You just cringed, didn’t you?)

Our Solution:

There’s no way you can avoid telling your friend she isn’t included in the wedding party, especially if she is looking for that invite, however, there are ways to still keep your friendship intact. After you’ve given the news, remind your friend how important your friendship is and that you are wanting to involve her in other parts of the wedding: the bachelorette party, reading a passage, guest book attendant, etc.

2. Kid-Free Wedding

Children are great; they bring excitement, youth, and joy. But some events are just for adults, and it’s completely alright to have a kid-free wedding! The only problem is how are you going to stress the point that it’s kid-free and still interest guests to attend? The awkward train just keeps rolling, doesn’t it?

Our Solution:

Don’t necessarily put “kids not welcome” on your invitation; simply word your invitation address differently. For example, instead of saying “The Brockenshire Family”, address it as “John and Jane Brockenshire.” Problem solved! This is a subtle way to let your guests know that kids aren’t particularly welcome. If a guest asks if they can bring their children, you can always apologize to them and then blame it on budget constraints. A white lie is acceptable in this circumstance (we won’t tell, promise!)

3. Wedding Party Payments

The subject of money, payments, cash, etc. is a touchy one. Maybe you covered a bridesmaid’s dress, or helped sponsor the bachelorette party, and now you’re looking for that IOU. It can be awkward to approach your friends asking for them to pay you back, but weddings are expensive!

Our Solution: 
Our friends at Venmo provide you with a great way to cover the costs for your bridesmaids that they can pay back later. With Venmo, you can bill your bridesmaids the bill for their dresses, hair, etc and they can accept the charges on their end. Awkward situation, sort of avoided, but it made it easier to deal with.

4. Asking for Cash as a Present

Since we are on the topic of money, why not keep on with all things awkward? The traditional approach to having a registry and asking for physical gifts is going by the wayside. Millennials (the generation getting married now) are already living together, which means they might not need some of the homegoods that are usually on a registry. Instead, couples are paying for their wedding and honeymoon themselves, making money the most obvious need. So how do you tell your guests exactly that you want money?

Our Solution:

Although you’re breaking tradition, asking for money isn’t a bad thing to do. You can set up a PayPal account and name it the “Honeymoon Fund” or “First House Fund.” These names encourage guests to give money because they know where it is going and how it will be used. And with the PayPal account, you can avoid the awkwardness of getting handed cash in front of everyone.

5. Disagreeing with the Wedding Planner, Mother of the Bride, Future In-Laws

Everyone is giving you advice, tips, etc. but you’re becoming overwhelmed and this wedding feels like it’s drifting further and further away from what you really wanted. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but something has to give.

Our Solution:

It’s your wedding! That is the key phrase to remember during the stressful parts of planning your wedding. Although you appreciate the help, advice, tips, etc. you don’t have to use or do everything someone suggests (especially if you’re paying for it). It might be difficult to tell people “no” but this is your wedding and it’s something you’ve dreamt about. Make it your own, and tell them you appreciate their idea but you were thinking about doing something else instead.

6. No Extra Guests

You work hard to create a guest list, making sure you didn’t exclude any family members, as well as fitting everything within your budget. Unfortunately though, you have to leave a couple people off the list. Eek! And then worst of all, some people are asking to bring along extra guests, like your fourth-cousin-once-removed wants his girlfriend and her sister to be invited.

Our Solution:

Honesty with a mixture of sympathy can go a long way. You can explain to your fourth-cousin-once-removed that you would love to get to know his girlfriend and her sister more but unfortunately you just can’t accommodate them at the wedding. You can always invite them to the after-party or out for drinks later on.  

7. Unexpected Guests

You send RSVPs for a reason: so you know exactly how many people are attending so you can budget for food and other accommodations. Although this could be one of the most frustrating parts of the wedding planning process, you can't let it overwhelm you.

Our Solution:

In case you're really worried that this might happen, the unexpected non-RSVP guest, you could always pay to have an extra table and food. Or, you could have your guest book attendant check people in and apologize if a guest’s name doesn’t appear on the list. It’s a tactful way of telling someone they weren’t expected and that there’s no room for them.

8. Too Tipsy

So you decided to have an open bar at your wedding, thinking it will make the crowd more comfortable and more apat to dance. But a couple of your guests took the open bar to mean “shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody!” You’re feeling embarrassed, your parents don’t look happy, and your grandparents want to leave. What do you do?

Our Solution:

Unfortunately, this situation is a tough one. You don’t want to worry your whole wedding day about watching after this tipsy group of people—it will significantly decrease the amount of fun you’re having. So if you have a bartender, make them aware that they are not to serve people anymore beverages if they feel they’ve had too many. Or, you can always have one of your bridal party members be on crowd control, making sure that if someone does get too tipsy, they find a safe way to get home.

9. Divorced Parents

Sadly, with the rate at about 50%, divorce is a real subject to discuss in your wedding planning. How do you seat your divorced parents at your wedding, especially if they don’t exactly get along?

Our Solution:

If your parents are on good terms, you can always sit them together! Problem solved. However, if you have parents who don’t get along particularly or are remarried, it’s perfectly fine to have one of your parents (and their new spouse) sit in the second row. And when it comes to the reception, be sure to give your parents separate tables where they can entertain their own respective families.

Awkward situations do happen during the planning process and even the wedding, but knowing how to handle situations before they arise will give you the confidence you need to not stress-out during one of the most special days of your life. And remember, if you need any more assistance, the Inspherio Crew is always glad to help. Our event planning business management solution can help you every step of the way when it comes to your event planning business. Check us out! We’ll even throw in a free-30 day trial.

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