Monday, December 29, 2014

The Perfect New Years Resolution for Every Event Professional

It’s no surprise that New Years Resolutions are hard to come by and often, even harder to keep. Coming up with a resolution that actually means something to you can be difficult - no one likes the ol’ fall back, “get in the gym” - so for 2015, Inspherio is giving you a New Years Resolution. (You’re welcome!)

Ready? It’s simple: Get your event business right. Don’t choose between organization and success - have them BOTH, with Inspherio. 

From makeup artists and entertainment to planner extraordinaire, if you are a professional in the Event or Wedding business, you probably find that you have less hours in the day than everybody else. You are way too busy preparing for all of your events and clients to worry about all the meticulous details necessary to run your business properly. PS: Don’t worry, you’re not alone; literally thousands of event professionals are not taking advantage of the full potential of their business.

The common trade-off occurs when you either decide to go after more work and make more money or instead, devote less time to new jobs and more time organizing your business.

Thanks to Inspherio, 2015 is finally the year you’re going to get your business on track and running more efficient than ever. You no longer have to choose between staying organized and staying busy with new jobs. Inspherio allows you to manage your leads from start to finish as well as manage your finances, receive online payments, send electronic contracts, schedule employees, and so much more!

With a web-based event management software program for any type of Event Professional, you can stay busy doing what you love, because Inspherio is designed to help you take care of all those tedious behind the scenes details. Just think of how beneficial it would be to manage your entire business from one program.

Holy Hectic! I believe that’s how most of you Event Industry Professionals describe your days. But take a second here...It’s 2015; stop pushing the paper and get in control with Inspherio’s new event technology. I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be keeping this resolution.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays, From Inspherio!

Merry Christmas!

From the Team at Inspherio, we would like to wish each of our users a very Merry Christmas! We hope that your holiday season is merry and bright, and that you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones during this special time of year!
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Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Stay Productive During The Holidays

It’s almost 2015, and that’s all I can think of! The Holidays are finally among us with presents to buy, parties, hosting, traveling, and those far off New Year’s resolutions - it’s all too exciting. But, but, but, but, there are still work days in the week and the day-to-day tasks that have to happen, especially in the Inspherio office! Instead of letting your work day results suffer or that of your teams, refocus and concentrate on getting everything, from business to the holidays, done in time. If you are anything like me, these tips will help you through the next few weeks!

  1. 1. Create Lists: I am a list-o-manic; it exists, I swear. Gather all the information and write down EVERYTHING you need to buy and do. Food to get, presents, wrapping paper, butter, everything, it will help. (Pro Tip: It would also help if you made separate lists of individual stores and list only everything you have to buy from there). 

  2. 2. Beat the Rush. Plan Ahead: At work, focus on work. When you are home, make your plans and schedules so you aren’t doing everything at the last minute. From Christmas to after New Years, schedule out shopping trips, holiday parties, etc, so that your business hours are devoted to actual business. 

  3. 3. Ask for Help: Yes! It’s the Holidays, it’s the time to lend a hand and ask for a hand. If you are finding yourself stressed and spending your work day thinking of everything that still needs to get done for that holiday soiree in 5 days, ask family or friends for help. 

  4. 4. Organize Your Work Day: Seriously, truly organize your work day. What HAS to happen by lunch or by the time you go home. Forget about what is a few days away in your social calendar and focus on your tasks and get to work! Morning is your most productive time, so get what’s most important done when you get in - maybe you’ll even find some time to make another Holiday list! (I’m telling you, they get addicting.) 

  5. 5. Avoid Distractions and Multitasking: As I say, “put on the blinders.” Don’t juggle personal and work-related tasks at the same time. Definitely don’t check your personal email for holiday cards or your social media to see how Tiffany from Yoga is already off and on vacation. Stay focused and in the zone. 

  6. 6. Speaking of Vacation, You’re Not on Yours Yet: I know that I get ahead of myself and start listing and packing for my New Years trip a week before Christmas, but I try to keep myself in check. Follow suit! You won’t have a vacation next year if you don’t do your work this year. 

  7. 7. Most Important, Remember What the Holidays are All About: It’s a time for family and love and a season of celebration. This should be the most joyful time of the year, so if you have to, take a deep breath, regroup, and realize what all of this is for. This time does not have to be chaotic - remember that. 

It can be tough to find that balance between work and life, and it only gets harder during the Holidays. Presents for the loved ones, cookies for the kiddos, it gets overwhelming but your job and your work tasks should be at the top of your list. Everyone shares a similar vacation schedule at the end of the year and it should be clear what needs to be accomplished before you go. So instead of working over vacation or spending Christmas Eve stuck in the office because you have projects to finish, finish the year strong! Give a gift to yourself of staying organized, focused, and you will get to enjoy your holiday season even more!

Any more tips on how you stay focused? Let me know!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Inspherio Helps Everyone In The Event Industry

Organized to the point of crazy, inexplicable love of lists, smoothly moving from Plan A to Plan B without anyone noticing, working until every request is complete, taking simple ideas and turning them into a beautiful and grand outcome? You must be an event planner. (Or, you know, a bookkeeper, publicist, chef, motivational speaker, shoulder to cry on, alterationist, table setter, stand in, or anything else your client might need last minute.)

You keep a notebook and pencil on you at all times so you never let an idea or thought slip through the cracks. Oh, It’s the glamorous world you always imagined. Once you see the sparkle in your clients eye and the smile on their face, it does, in fact, quickly become that glamorous world you always imagined.

Anyone that has joined the ranks of the event industry knows that it is fast paced and demanding, set with deadlines, plenty of communication with more than one person at a time, sticky notes galore, and a lot of patience. Event professionals, why not make your life easier? Why not scrap the sticky notes, the pencil and paper, and all of the programs you use to get one thing done? Inspherio is the premier business management solution for all professionals in the Event Industry. This all-inclusive program will provide you with every tool needed to manage and expand your business from any location with the convenience of your tablet or smartphone.

Meticulously designed by event professionals, for event professionals, Inspherio has streamlined the business management process from start to finish for everyone in the field. Our hope is to eliminate the overwhelming stress that comes with planning an event by making sure the event stays on track at every stage of the planning process. From initial planning to the execution of an event, Inspherio incorporates every marketing and business management tool an event professional could need, and because it’s web-based, these tools are available wherever the user has an internet connection.

Whether it’s your first day in the event industry, or you’re on the brink of success, or even successfully planning several events a week, this all-in-one program is for you, your employees, your business, and your peace of mind. Keep that smile on your clients face and that sparkle in their eye, try the best event technology out there.
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When You Shop Small It Can Lead To Big Things


We all know the excitement and hectic behavior that comes with Black Friday Shopping, but what about that Saturday? Ever give those mega stores a breather and shop on Small Business Saturday instead? You should!

In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help local businesses and entrepreneurs excel and get more customers. The Saturday following Thanksgiving (This year, November 29th) encourages people across the country to support and shop at small, local businesses. This holiday shopping tradition instantly gained traction and in 2011, from Washington, D.C., to Washington State, governors, mayors, senators, and even President Obama all voiced their support for Small Business Saturday and officially recognized the event. In 2012, an estimated 5.5 Billion was spent at small independent businesses on Small Business Saturday. This day has grown into a powerful movement, and more people are taking part than ever before.

According to, “small businesses are the backbone of America, considering that a sizable proportion of the working population is employed by small businesses.” Owners are encouraged to take charge of the day while individuals and local organizations pledge to support the day as Neighborhood Champions. Small businesses should be getting ready their marketing materials, social media, their deals and promotions, and their ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’s!’ 

Since Inspherio is a big supporter of entrepreneurs and making their lives easier with simple business management solutions, we are excited that this Saturday has finally arrived! If you haven’t participated before, this is the year to ditch the Black Friday crowd and support your community and local entrepreneurs and Shop Small on Small Business Saturday!
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Shark Week Inspirations For Your Event

Discovery Channel's Shark Week is an event the Inspherioteam looks forward to all year. We enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting up close and personal with these great ocean predators, but without the actual danger of, you know death and being eaten. If you are a fan of shark decor and all those sharky things, you can easily incorporate them into your wedding theme. Here are some great little shark details to inspire your nautical or beach-themed wedding:


Give your tie an element of danger with this Shark Tie Bar Clip. Small details are a great way to incorporate some extra personality that won't overpower your classy wedding day look. photocredit:


When you think cuff links, what comes to mind? A simple engraved little square perhaps? Expand your cuff link imagination as big as the open ocean with these shark cuff links. photocredit:


Looking for something special to give to your bridesmaids? These shark tooth earrings are not just  extremely affordable at $12, but are perfect for your bridal party. I love the sophisticated look of these earrings. photocredit:

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

When it comes to cake toppers, the possibilities are endless. These customizable Shark Cake Toppers will definitely blow any ol' cake topper out of the water. They are super creative and affordable. We can't get over the cuteness of this adorable shark couple. photocredit:


An edible wedding favor will always be a big hit. These shark lollipops are great for guests, treats for the kids, or as a place card. And you know someone is going to sing the Jaws theme song when they pick this lollipop up. It's just a really fun and versatile idea. photocredit:

Jewelry and simple shark accents on your cake or as a wedding favor are great ways to integrate your love for sharks into your event. Remember sharks are friends, not food, and we hope these ideas have sparked your imagination.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Wedding Themes: Vintage

Vintage wedding themes pay homage to romanticized decades of our history. Incorporating a vintage touch into your wedding instantly transports you back in time where life seemed more simple, dressing up was an everyday necessity, and timeless glamour was in every detail. It just has a special effect on everyone and you can't help but feel the romance and love between the bride and groom. This theme never goes out of style-never, and it is one of the easiest themes to blend into your wedding decor. You have so many different choices of how to add vintage details to your wedding to create the perfect day you have always dreamed of.....


There are so many different choices for adding warmth to your wedding. Hanging lanterns are perfect for outdoor weddings/receptions to really draw attention to a certain area. And don't they just look so pretty. Chandeliers are a small detail with a huge pay off. They look so elegant and instantly add that vintage touch.
Birdcages are the universal vintage embellishment. You will see them find their way into vintage themes all over the place. They are inexpensive, timeless, and have many different uses.


Vintage style centerpieces are simplistic yet elegant. To create drama, incorporate items of different heights. You can find old books and vintage bottles all over the place to add a unique (and affordable) element to your centerpiece. You can even go flowerless and accent with pearls or vintage jewelry. Mis-matched tea lights, or even tea cup candles, are great for some added romance. I love an added pop of color with either a single flower or a small arrangement. These centerpieces are all about small, simple details that accent the surrounding table settings.


To really set your vintage theme, you need the right decor. What you use is dependent on your own style. If you want to go elegant and timeless, silver tea pots, colored tea-light holders, pearls, and hanging picture frames are just perfect for that vintage glamour look. If you are unsure of what dainty detail to add for that touch of glamour, a simple string of pearls is exactly what you need. They come in a wide array of colors and can be draped on chairs, tables, centerpieces, hanging lanterns, anything you can imagine. Old suitcases and wooden crates are great to give a large bland area a quick vintage feel, and you can add some lace gloves or other vintage clothing accessories for that 'something special' factor.

With a vintage theme, your wedding guests will entertained just by what you used to decorate. They will be transported back in time and the hardships and troubles of everyday life will quickly disappear. Leaving only the feelings of love and joy for the happy couple filling the air. The vintage theme is very romantic and will always be a popular wedding theme year after year.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

De-Stress Hacks for Wedding Planners

destress hacks for wedding plannersWedding planners know this best of all - members of the wedding party, or even guests, are prone to sudden freak outs. We've all been there, you're checking on the caterer and you see the maid of honor in a stress fueled spiral. So you put on your therapist hat and do your best to calm her down before the reception. It takes some special wedding-planner-ninja skills to calm a stressed out member of the wedding party, here are some great hacks to calm the storm:

A few mini chocolate bars are great to keep on hand in your de-stress kit. Dark chocolate is best because it actually helps to better reduce levels of cortisol (main stress hormone) and will help stabilize blood sugar until the reception begins. No one want to be the person who passed out at the wedding.

If they are allergic to chocolate or just don't like the delicious goodness of the cocoa tree (gasp), there are other ways to bring down stress levels...

Any gum will do, but maybe have a few different flavors like mint and cinnamon. Numerous scientific studies show a few minutes of chewing gum greatly reduces anxiety and cortisol levels. The fresh-breath side effect isn't so bad either. 

But they might be one of those people who don't participate in the calming art of gum chewing, so what else do you have up your sleeve?

The Worry-Clip
Sometimes people just need something in there hand to distract them from themselves. You have probably heard of a worry stone, but no one wants to carry around rocks in their de-stress kit. The best alternative is a paper-clip. Simple, I know, but this little trick really works. Take a large paper-clip, pull out the center part to make a V. Tell the stressed to hold it in their palm and when they are feeling nervous to just focus on the paper-clip. Their focus will be quickly rerouted away from their nerves.

Deep Breath
An oldie but goodie, this technique is fool proof. Taking in slow deep breaths is proven to reduce anxiety. With every breathe, they will release more stress. You can even have them image a bubble filling up with all their nervousness and have them blow it away. A little childish, maybe, but it seriously works. Add the worry-clip and you will be amazed how calm you can get.

Counting Backwards
 This one is also an oldie but goodie. It has worked for me on many occasions and always chills me out. When worries, nerves, and stress combine they create one heck of an unstable emotional state. If you slowly count backwards from 10, then back up again, all those unwanted emotions will just disappear. It's all about taking focus off the stress and putting it somewhere else. It will be much more difficult to freakout about an upcoming toast, or giving away a precious bride, when you're busy trying to remember what number comes before 7.

These are just a few De-Stress tools that will definitely help you calm and member of the wedding party. Wedding Planners are the multi-tasking masters and the art of de-stress is one of the most important skills to have.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Party Food Ideas

During this epic battle of country vs. country, you are going to get hungry. To keep good luck on your team's side you want everything to be in team colors, even the food right? Well here are some great ideas from the Inspherio team for your Lucky Spread at your World Cup 2014 party.

Defense Dogs

Some form of a hotdog is sure to please at any World Cup Party. To double your dogs and make them more bite size, try cutting them in half. To get extra fancy have a condiment bar near by so everyone can make what they want.

Team Cookies

Gotta have the sweets, and these cookies are cheering for your favorite team. Ice them up in your team's colors or jerseys and enjoy. 

Play The Field Dip

This is a beautiful layered dip with all kinds of deliciousness inside. It is super easy to make, and seriously how adorable is it to have your dip in the form of a soccer field. Here is the recipe. Enjoy!

Score 1 For Healthy

These little soccer players are almost too cute to eat - almost. They are perfect for snaking or even replicating the last goal scoring play.

Congratulations to all the teams that made it to World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Can't wait to see who claims ultimate glory. Share all your party ideas on our:
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Friday, June 6, 2014

How To: Keeping Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

activity kits for kidsAre you planning your wedding and suddenly you worry about kids running a muck are your beautiful event, how do you save kids from boredom? Well you can easily remedy your worries by creating fun activity bags for the kids attending your wedding. There are a lot of ideas out there of what to include in an activity bag, it's really your preference, but you can get really creative with games and things for them to do. First thing to do is determine what age group your activity bag will be for, like 3-6 and 7-11. Once you know your age group(s) you can start putting together entertaining activities to save them from boredom.

For Ages 3-6:
Snacks are always a big hit, remember your amazing catered reception might not have the most kid-friendly options. When trying to decide what snacks to include, you want to stay always from anything messy that would get all over their adorable outfits. Goldfish or Graham Crackers are staples in the world of kid snacks, and throw in a few pieces of candy, and organic is a great option to please all parents. I say a few pieces of candy because once they see that cake they will want it, and some candy might help to hold them over until its time to serve.

When creating your activity kit, a disposable camera is perfect to include so they can take pictures and you can see your wedding from their view. And you never know what you will get when the cameras are developed.

activity box

Activity books, sketch pads, and stickers are sure to entertain. You can make custom activity books to go along with a wedding theme. Just don't forget to add pencils and crayons.

Bubbles. Always have bubbles.

For ages 7-11:

Everything mentioned above can be included, but with more challenging and age appropriate activity/sticker books. To create optimum amount of concentration, tricky metal puzzles where you have to try and get the pieces unhooked, or a rubix cube are great additions to any activity kit.

My favorite idea is to create a Scavenger Hunt for the kids. They can use their camera that you included to snapshot all the items on the list. Parents can even get in on the action too!

i spy game

If you like to put a personal touch on everything, you can create a fun DIY Activity Book filled with puzzles, coloring pages with wedding themed images, basically what ever your heart desires. Just add crayons and your good to go.
These are only a few ideas of what you can include in an activity bag for the younger guests at your wedding. Let out your inner child when figuring out what to include, and share your ideas in the comment box below or on our Facebook and Twitter.

activity book

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Wedding Trends: Color Schemes For Spring & Summer

Are you lost in the world of color schemes when planning a wedding? The color scheme for any wedding sets the overall mood for the entire event. Here are some things to consider when planning a color scheme:

What is the overall mood of the wedding?
Light & festive: soft, pastel colors will transmit a relaxed-spring/summer vibe. The trending colors right now are - Mint, Blush, Dusty Blue. (refer to list below)

Bold & vibrant: these colors will definitely put your guests in the party mood and add drama to any venue. Make your wedding a celebration sensation with these trending bold and vibrant colors: Bright Orchid, Cerulean, Coral, Glittery Gold. (refer to list below)

Earthy & Calming: If it's more of a relaxed & laid-back atmosphere you are going for, earth tones are the way to go. These soft colors evoke romance and make your venue calm and inviting. Keep it mellow with these trending earth tones: Grayed Jade, Pale Yellow, Rose Gold. (refer to list below)

                                                                                                   photo credit: elegant

Understanding the Language of Color
When looking at colors to put together for your wedding you might hear some terms that can be confusing if your are not a color expert. Here is a breakdown of what color terminology:

                    Analogous - Three colors which              Complementary - Two colors                 Monochromatic - A color      
                    are side by side on a 12 - part                  which are directly opposite                    that is based on a single hue
                    color wheel.                                                 each other on the color wheel               and its various shades.
                                                                                          and create maximum contrast.

Whether its bold and vibrant or calm and romantic, test out what hue of your favorite colors look best to you. You can even mix bold accent colors in with your soft pastels for a nice pop of vibrancy in your color scheme.
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Wedding Trends: Reception Games

It's time for the reception after that beautiful, tear jerking ceremony... but some of the guests don't look to enthused to hit the dance floor. How can you get them in a party mood? Pep up your guests with some of these fun games at your reception:

Table Games
Wedding I SPY - Not only is this fun for kids and adults alike, but it's a wonderful way to get extra photos from your wedding. Ask your guests to use their digital cameras or smartphones to capture the moments even the best photographers sometimes miss. Add a line on your 'I Spy' card with an address where guests can upload photos. Bonus: with digital cameras, you don't have to worry about wasting money developing less-than-stellar photos from disposables. photo credit:

Booklets - Come up with a question for each  table, and put a mini booklet and pens for guests to add their ideas. Some suggestions: What should we don on date nights? What should we name our first child? How should we celebrate our first anniversary? What's the secret to a happy marriage? photo credit: Captured by Aimee

Yard Games
Ring Toss - What could be more perfect for a wedding than a ring toss? Paint used bottles in your wedding colors, arrange in a wooden crate, and decorate embroidery hoops with pretty fabrics. photo credit: Two Shades of Pink 

Giant Jenga - An over-sized Jenga game is a cinch to create - all you need to do is take a trip to the hardware store for some lumber and have each cut to same length (a traditional Jenga set uses 54 blocks) photo credit: Young Hearts Photography

Group Games
The Shoe Game - This hilarious game is a great way for guests to get to know you better as you learn how much you really know about each other. Place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. Remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your new spouse so that you're holding one of each. Then, have a designated person ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (get sample questions here). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think has the best answer to the question. photo credit: Katelyn James Photography. 

The Kissing Game - There's always that one guest who expects the newlyweds to kiss every time he or she clink a glass. And while we know every bride and groom love smooching, kissing on command gets old - fast. Why not make it more challenging? In a fishbowl, add tasks a guest can perform to get the Just Married couple to kiss, from easy to wacky. Some suggestions - Kiss your significant other. Show Off your best moves on the dance floor. Tell a joke that'll make us laugh. Get your table to play duck-duck-goose with you. photo credit: Blue Bird Creative

While you're planning your wedding, don't forget about your guests. There are so many games and activities you can add to your reception so everyone can join in on the wedding celebration. 

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Wedding Trends: Confetti

Now what wedding celebration would be complete without perfect planning from Inspherio&.....(insert drum roll) CONFETTI. Oh yes, those tiny bits of magic floating through the air are a simple addition that makes a big impact on your special day. It’s really fun to come up with ideas on how confetti will make its grand appearance at your wedding, you can really let your creativity flow. Here are some great ideas to get you started and spark your new confetti obsession…

The Confetti Cone
Presenting bright colored confetti in a cone makes it easy to grab, and make it rain confetti on the bride and groom as they make their exit. And it just looks so pretty in the basket before the ending festivities. photo credit:

The Confetti Balloon

Some places it is actually illegal to release balloons in celebration, but no one said anything about popping balloons filled with confetti. For a perfect confetti balloon send off, it is best to attach the balloon to a stick and add some streamers for a decorative touch. On one of the streamers you can add a safety pin for easy popping. Holding the balloons high, pop them when the Bride and Groom run underneath. It will make the perfect picture. photo credit:

Flower Confetti
The Confetti-palooza continues with a big favorite among brides - Flower Confetti! It is a chic spin on the classic paper confetti. The way it flies through the air and rains little flower petals in a rainbow of colors on the Bride’s white dress makes for an amazing wedding moment, and perfect photo op. And did I mention that flower confetti is eco-friendly - bonus! photo credit:

The Confetti Push-Pop

It's a party in a push-pop. Simple, easy, and ultra colorful. The great feature about this confetti shooter is that there is a lid on it to lock in the celebration until it’s time to party. photo credit:

The Confetti Wand
The classic confetti wand, never goes out of style. These would be perfect as place cards and add color to the table setting. photo credit:

The Confetti Bar

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s a Confetti Bar! Why waste time mixing confetti and packaging it, when you can let your guests do all the work. Who could ever forget a wedding that provided a confetti bar…#memories. photo credit:

These are only a few genius ways to incorporate confetti into your wedding, or event. When it comes to confetti, the possibilities are truly endless. How are you going to reinvent the confetti send off?

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Friday, April 4, 2014

How To: Dealing With A Bridezilla

You see them on tv, you've heard their screams, you've witnessed their destruction, we're talking Bridezillas. They make for great entertainment, but dealing with them in person is far from exciting. If a bride gets out of control and goes all Godzilla on the wedding, it can destroy all the hard work planners and vendors go through to create wedding bliss. The best way to learn to tame a bridezilla is practice and a few "Keeping Your Cool" tips from "Bride gone mad? How to deal with a bridezilla":

1. Stay Calm
First things first; if the bride is freaking out, you need to stay calm. You might be feeling frustrated by her behavior (or even ready to call it quits on the whole affair), but the best way to handle a bride who has turned into a monster is to avoid succumbing to anxiety yourself. Take breaks from the planning, remember that it's OK to say no some of the time (to the particularly outrageous requests) and most importantly, breathe.

2. Nod and Smile
Dealing with a bridezilla can be tough, especially when they don't get what they want or feel like things aren't going their way (kind of like a toddler having a temper tantrum). Rather than getting caught up in the drama (over something silly like tea lights or place cards), just nod and smile. Be passively supportive without getting swept up on whatever has her in a panic. Telling her she's crazy isn't an option, nor is freaking out alongside her. A simple pat on the back and a mumbled, "oh yes, I totally agree," should do the trick.

3. Vent to those NOT involved
The last thing you want is to cause a rift among the wedding party by gossiping behind the bride's back. Rather than risk something you've said getting back to her (when she's in a bad mood), keep your thoughts to yourself while you're with the bride and her brood. Instead, vent to friends and family not associated with the event.

4. Find a balance
While you did agree to plan and create an amazing wedding event, you didn't sign up to be anyone's full-time assistant or be at their beck and call 24/7. The key is to find a balance between saying yes and sidestepping ridiculous request. If there are things you simply can't (or don't want) to do, find a gentle way to tell her.

5. Remember it's temporary
During the wedding the bride may be in full blown monster mode, but it is just one day then she will go back to her old self. Take solace in the fact that this is all temporary and in the end, for a good cause. You want her wedding day to be perfect so the months of dealing with a bridezilla will all be worth it in the end.

As a wedding planner or vendor you will deal with the dreaded Bridezilla more than you want to, but these simple tips can help you become the passive-aggressive master to tame the unruly bride.
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Wedding Traditions: The Bride's Four "Somethings"

The traditional rhyme which details what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck...
Something Old,
Something New,
Something Borrowed,
Something Blue,
...has been honored by brides since before anyone can remember. Do you know the meaning behind this tradition, or where it comes from?

It is often recited as the four "somethings", not including the sixpence part. The rhyme appears to originate in England, an 1898 compilation of English folklore that explains:
The 'something blue' usually takes the form of a garter or an article of dress which plays an important part in some wedding rites.
The 'something old' and 'something blue' are devices to baffle the Evil Eye. The usual effect on the bride of the Evil Eye is to render her barren and this is adds to the reason for 'something borrowed', which should properly be the undergarment of some woman who has been blessed with children: the clothes communicate fertility to the bride.
The 'something new' represents the new life of the bride.

Over the years the symbolism have changed to new meaning for the iconic phrases. 'Something old' represents continuity; 'something new' offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolized borrowed happiness; and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.  Out of all the good luck charms the 'something blue' is the most fun, let's see how brides interpret something blue for their wedding day:
Have the groom don your something blue
                                                              photo courtesy of
Get a temporary tattoo in blue:
                                                      photo courtesy of
Have you brides made sign the bottom of your shoes with a sweet message in blue:

                                                                                                            photo courtesy of lovely

However you decide to wear your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, don't stress to much about where they have to be. Remember it's the brides day, and your somethings can be anything the bride wants them to be. 
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Catering Trends: Using Microgreens

Looking to give your catering options a new edge. Incorporating microgreens into your catering menu is a great way to support local farmers and provide super healthy - yet delicious - options.

What are microgreens?
A micro-green is a tiny vegetable green that is used both as a visual and flavor component. Smaller than “baby greens,” and harvested later than “sprouts,” microgreens can provide a variety of leaf flavors, such as sweet and spicy. They are known for their various colors and textures; the use of microgreens is endless.

How can I use microgreens?

Due to their size, microgreens are perfect to incorporate in appetizers and small dishes. Their color is great for spring and summer, they give any dish a special pop. Check out how some caterers have used microgreens:

Compressed watermelon with ahi tuna, citrus microgreens and wasabi caviar. Photo courtesy of

Tender crab cakes served with cucumber tartar sauce and microgreen salad. Photo courtesy of

Goat cheese mousse, microgreens, aged balsamic, and basil oil. Photo courtesy of

Sandwich roll with black forest ham, calvados brie and microgreens. Photo courtesy of

Microgreens are so versatile. They provide great flavor or a beautiful garnish. They are perfect to add in any dish served in a shot glass by the way. Call up your local farmer and see if they grow microgreens or find out where they are available in your area. Have fun mixing these great greens in with your spring and summer menus. 
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Historic Venues For Weddings

Do you dream of an intimate wedding where it's just your closest family and friends coming together to see you walk down an isle covered in rose petals. You can imagine every detail of your perfect day: the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, the shoes, even the lipstick you will be wearing - making sure it won't transfer on your veil or your groom. You have planned the perfect wedding, but finding a venue to compliment your intimate affair......hasn't even been considered yet.

To really put the finishing touch on any dream wedding, you need a historic venue. One with charm and craftsmanship that just isn't done anymore. A historic venue amazes guests when they hear about the past and it just provides that special something to any intimate wedding. Now, not all historic venues are small, some are grand and reflect the glamor of years past when people believed in over dressing for all occasions and there was a tradition for everything. Take a look at some of these charming and grandiose venues that have stood the test of time.

 Fonthill Castle - Doylestown, PA.
Built between 1908-1912, Fonthill was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer. Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill both as a home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints. Photo courtesy of

Houmas House - Darrow, LA

Known as the Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road, the Houmas House is a beautiful mansion that reflects the best parts of each period in its rich history. Construction of the Mansion was completed in 1828. It has all the charm of the sweetest southern belle combined with the beautiful Louisiana backdrop. Photo courtesy of

The Little Chapel at Winthrop University - Rock Hill, SC

The Little Chapel was designed in the Federal style by architect Robert Mills - a South Carolinian famous for his design of the Washington Monument. In 1936 the chapel was given to Winthrop by the Columbia Theological Seminary, and the structure was moved to Rock Hill from Columbia, SC, where it was reconstructed brick by brick. Photos courtesy of
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring 2014 Catering Trends

It won’t be officially spring until March 20th, but now is the perfect time to get a jump on the latest trends to inspire your seasonal menus. Your kitchen is now your lab, so let’s have some fun experimenting with color, flavor, and presentation that result in Spring’s best trends.

1. Organic and Local produce to make refreshing beverages (with or without alcohol)
A delicious beverage is hit at any event. Refreshing and colorful is the name of the game this spring with it comes to drinks. Head down to your local market and find organic ingredients to combine together and create beverage delights that not only taste great but look amazing. Oh, and don’t forget the garnish, drinks need their accessories too so they can entertain as well as be enjoyed. A great idea for garnishes is freeze them in ice, a simple idea that makes a cool effect.

The flavors of cucumber and mint are delightfully refreshing when combined together. Try this simple Spring Cucumber-Mint Tonic-the green color reflects the Spring season perfectly. *photo courtesy of

Freezing flowers in ice cubes create a beautiful presentation. They can easily add elegance to a glass of citrus infused water, tea, or a light effervescent beverage. You can show off all the colors of Spring with this trend, or coordinate the flowers to go with a certain color theme.*photo courtesy of

2. Spice It Up
We are extremely excited about this trend. Couples want their menu to reflect themselves, and everyone has a spicy side to their personality. You can really have fun with adding a spicy flavor to hors d'oeuvres or entree selections. This trend goes great with a cool refreshing beverage made from local ingredients...wink wink.

Margarita shrimp with a jalapeno lime sorbet, the combination of hot and cold is a perfect hors d'oeuvre that is bright and packed with flavor. *photo courtesy of catering by

Crab Cakes are a classic at wedding and special events, but they are even better with a spicy rémoulade. To keep them less messy and you guests hands clean, try serving them on a single portion spoon. *photo courtesy of

3. Comfort Food
Comfort food is a classic dish that never lets down the taste buds, but it is not very event-friendly. There is a lot of room to reinvent and innovate comfort food and make it exciting for your guests to eat lasagna and not get it all over themselves Create a down-home feel to any elegant event with this fun spring trend.

Fish & Chips make a great Cocktail Hour appetizer before the main event begins. By serving it in newspaper wrapping, your guests can schmooze freely without having to bother with a plate and utensils, also the presentation is just darling. *photo courtesy of

Lasagna can be messy but not when it is baked into mini pastry cups. This is a simple appetizer that will add color and rich flavor to any menu. You don't have to do just lasagna, mac n' cheese or a tuna melt version would be great for spring and add pops of color to the plate. *photo courtesy of

And what catering trend update is complete without the Sweets!

4. Frozen Treats
Frozen desserts will be all over the menus this spring and summer. You won't have to worry about these frozen treats melting because they will not be on the serving tray long enough. Just keep portion size in mind when creating your cool delights, think of the guests moving around and how they will be holding the desserts - that will help you in the creation process.

Smaller portions are great for frozen treats. Try serving a cool and refreshing Kiwi Gelato in the Kiwi. *photo courtesy of

Appeal to your guest's inner child with these Frozen Poptart Pops. They are not actual poptarts that have been frozen but pastry with frozen filling, so basically miniaturized frozen poptarts with delicious frozen fruit filling. They are bright, colorful and portable. Convenience is key with desserts, your party guests can keep dancing the night away and not have to worry about plates and spoons. This dessert is completely customizable too, you can use any type of fruit and coordinate the colors to match the event theme. *photo courtesy of

You can reflect the colors and tastes of spring with any of these great trends for 2014. Remember portions should stay small so guests can try many different options and make everything easy to handle. Having to hold onto a plate and utensils is inconvenient when mingling during cocktail hour or the reception. Have fun planning your Spring 2014 menu options

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