Thursday, March 29, 2012

How much is marketing costing you??

We all know the most important piece of our business are the clients that we bring in. In today’s day and age, the avenues of marketing our business seem endless! Sometimes keeping track of these campaigns and their success can get lost in translation. Not only will Inspheriohelp you manage your time but also your money you’re investing into your business!

Inspheriomakes it easy to track which clients were referred by which campaign! You input the campaign name and when your customers use the Contact Us form, they choose the appropriate campaign. It’s that easy! Want to check your return on investment and see which campaigns to run again? With a click of the mouse, Inspheriowill generate you a report to analyze your results!

This is just another way how Inspheriois dedicated to help you “Plan Your Success”!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do you Know Your Event?

My favorite feature of Inspheriohas to be the KYE (Know Your Event) form. This is a questionnaire that is built directly into Inspherioand can be customized to your liking! We have provided an automated KYE form based on your business type (wedding planner, DJ, photographer, caterer, ect.) but you have the option to either add questions or take off some that we have provided.

What makes the KYE form so unique?

- Customize your KYE to gather information for the different events you work.

- Time lock questions so that your clients must supply the necessary information by a specific date.

- Receive real time feedback of your clients input! 

- Notifications will appear on your Overview page to inform you that a change has been made to your client’s KYE.

- Specify if you want the information to import into your contract, your event day agenda, or just keep on file for personal purposes

The KYE will become your best friend in organizing event information in a timely manner. Your clients will love it too because they will be able to access it through their own personal portal in Inspherio. It’s a win-win situation!

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