Tuesday, December 8, 2015

11 Adorable Ways to Include Pets in a Wedding

Everyone will be there—mom, dad, brother, second cousin once removed, so why not Fido? Our thoughts exactly! With their sloppy kisses, cold noses, and outstanding love for their owners, a pet is the perfect guest to invite on the big day—you can even give them a special part to play. Check out this 11 adorable ways to include pets on the big day!

1. Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

Don’t have a flower girl or ring bearer in mind to walk down the aisle? Why not a furry friend? And no, not the soon-to-be brother-in-law—a pet! Keep in mind though, the pet might steal some spotlight so be willing to share.

Our advice for this idea is for you to attach a faux ring to the collar. You don’t need a lose dog wandering off with a pricey ring attached. And if you’re thinking about adding decor to their leash or collar, make sure it’s not toxic for them. Florists know which flowers to avoid, and which will be the perfect substitutetrust them!

2. Charm or Cufflink

Ever thought about personalizing your wedding attire? If not, consider designing cufflinks or a charm to help keep your pet at your side during the wedding. Talk about sentimental feelings!

3. Getting Ready

If you’re thinking, “hm, maybe having a pet during the event wouldn’t be a good idea,” don’t worry, you can still include them—just differently. When you or your clients are getting ready, you can always invite the pet to be a part of it. Photographers love to capture pictures of the bridal party getting ready, making this a perfect time to snap a few pictures with your furry friend in the background.

Our advice, make sure the venue you are getting ready at is OK with pets, and try to have your pet professionally groomed before their big photo opportunity.

4. Vows

You’re making a vow to each other, ever thought about adding your furbabies into the commitment too? Promise each other you’ll commit to raising and loving your children (no matter if they’re furry or not). Why not start that commitment by adding a line about your pets in your vow!

5. Formal Photoshoot

Pets love pictures, so why not include them in some after the main event? Dress them up with a tie or flower collar and take some shots with them. Photographs can capture your love and your pet’s love in the same moment. Plus, it’s something you can hold onto forever. How sweet is that?

Our advice would be to ensure that your pets get all of their wiggles out. They’ll need to hold still for the photographer.

6. Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are taken months prior to your event, and are a good time to include your pet. If you’re worried about who will take care of the pet during the event, or who will watch it over the honeymoon period, maybe it’s best if man’s best friend misses the big event. This is where engagement photos play an important part! You can book a session with a photographer for a day and capture all the great memories without the worry.

7. Photo by the Guest Book

Find the cutest picture of the pet, decorate the frame, and place it beside the guest book. This is the surest way for guests to catch a glimpse of the special, furry family member. You can attach a caption along the bottom of the frame to welcome guests to the event from your pet friend.

8. Wedding Favors

You have the wedding favors set, but did you include a favor for your guests’ pets? You should! Including a dog treat with a cute message from your pet to theirs is a nice added touch.

Our advice, however, is to either purchase dog treats or ensure that if you make them you only add ingredients that are safe for animals.

9. Bouquet Charm

Why not purchase a small token or reminder of your pet and add it to your bouquet? It’s a simple decor that can bring happiness to you and your spouse every time you look down at your wedding flowers.

10. Cake Topper

Dedicate a small portion of the cake to miniature replicas of the pets. You can either purchase a cake topper that represents you, your new spouse, and your pet. Or, you can just add a small token along the bottom of the cake. It lets your pet share in the special moment (and enjoy the cake) with you.


OK, so maybe your pet is too rambunctious, and you’re worried they might steal the show in a not-so-good way. Well, they can still be a part of the big day, but maybe in 2D format instead of 3D. You can hang or set pictures of the pet on tables, in your invitation, save the date, etc. The options when it comes to stationery and your pet are endless.

Our advice is to be sure you worked the extra cost of printing images on photo paper into your budget. 

So whether they’re furry, have four legs or have wings, be sure to do something special for those who spend their whole life loving you unconditionally. Although we would love to watch the pet for the big day, we’re still here to help you with any of your event planning needs. Did you know we offer world-class 24/7 support? But in closing, make your day that much more special by finding a spot at the event for all the furbabies! Because really, who could resist a face like this?


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