Thursday, December 3, 2015

Infographic:The Pros and Cons of the Top Wedding Venues

Are you or your clients struggling to find that perfect location for your event? What a task! Believe you me, we know how hard it is to find a venue that meets all of your criteria. You know, a place that provides enough space for everyone and everything, is in a good location, has room for decor, etc. Well, we’re here to make things a little easier!

From banquet halls to rustic barns, the event of your dreams at the perfect location can be a reality with the right amount of planning and balancing. For instance, you might love the beach and it’s calming sounds but seagulls around your reception food could cause a problem. Or your clients want to hold their event at a historic home but there’s barely any room for decorations or the dance floor they want.

So to help you solve these dilemmas, we came up with a fun little way to weigh your venue options. We’ve put together a collection of pros and cons for popular venues, such as rustic barns, beaches, banquet halls, gardens, and historic homesinfographic style, of course!

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  1. Well! This infographic definitely gave some information about finding a wedding venue. It has been a week that I have note down few New York wedding venues and I have still not finalized one for my wedding. Because this time all of these are equally amazing.

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