Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tips for Delegating Tasks Effectively for Event Professionals

Hectic! This is how most Event Industry Professionals describe their day. You have to effectively communicate with customers, send and sign contracts, keep up with invoices and all that while doing site visits or may be even cooking dinner. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all this? Don’t fret. These simple steps will help you manage your business more effectively by delegating your daily tasks to free up your time.

In our previous posts we have discussed how you can organize the structure of your business, and how to make that structure work. Yesterday we discussed the tools that help you get things moving smoothly.

What if after you have done all that; you still don’t have enough hours in a day to get all the work done? You need to delegate! Whether you have a team of people helping you, or you run your business on your own, you could benefit by automating simple business processes

See what 
Inspherio can do for your business!

You no longer have to fax or mail your contract, you don’t have to sit across a table with your client to go over it either (unless, of course you or your client prefer to do that).

Your e-mails, Tweets, Blogs and promotion texts can be scheduled to come out on certain dates strategically picked to suit your business needs. If you prefer to do it yourself, anyway, use our Task Calendar feature.

When it comes to managing humans, it’s a little more complicated, but here are few things to keep in mind:

Think of all your team members, asses their skills and interests, Determine who would be better at a particular task, or maybe who is more passionate to learn a new task and distribute the responsibilities according to that. 

Only delegate tasks that need to be and can be delegated. For example, if you are out of the office a lot; someone needs to answer the office phone (you can also invest in Call Forwarding), sign for courier packages, etc. That’s a perfect example of some tasks that you can get off your hand right now.
Contract negotiations and custom price quotes take a lot of skill, so unless you have a business partner that you trust these decisions to, do not delegate these tasks! 

For any task you pass on to someone, there must be proper training! Make sure that the person has a perfectly clear understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it, as well as what you expect to see at the end. Follow up frequently, offer feedback. 

They say there is nothing personal in business. So, don’t make it personal. Do not assign tasks based on family, that’s a big no no! Do not hold grudge if a team member made a mistake, give your feedback and move on.

How do YOU delegate your daily tasks? What is the most challenging part? Tell us! (Unless, you are too busy doing everything by yourself.)

For more helpful ways to save your time and money, visit 
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Better Business Tools

Think about all the tools you need to complete a simple task - like cooking a dinner for example: pots, pans, spatulas etc. There is a tool for every task. Have you ever tried to use the wrong tool? If so, it is likely it was not the outcome you hoped for.

So, to continue our discussion about Organizing your Business, we will be talking about Tools today.

If you have read our previous blogs you would have learned about separating your business into departments and keeping all of your files organized and up to date. So, what’s next?
Look through the files and Departments. Are you using the most up to date tools available?
Does the speed of your Internet meet your business requirements? If not, call your internet provider right now!
Do you have many different ways to be reached by your clients?
Make sure that your phone works and the phone number is listed correctly in the directories of your choice, including your website!
Do you even have a website? If you don’t your business is too 1990s! Get it fixed, get a website! Inspherio can give you one for free as part of our basic package.
Do you participate in social media? If for some reason you do not, (I hope you do, since you are reading this blog), you may be underestimating its power. Harnessing Social Media may be one of the greatest investments you can make. While it takes quite a bit of time, it will pay off in the long run.
Access your clientele. How do your clients prefer to be contacted? Is it e-mail, phone or, maybe Twitter? Be sure to know that and set up all means of contact to be available on the go: smartphone, tablet or laptop. You never know when your client will need your assistance. In the modern world there is nothing that makes more difference in winning business like great Customer Service! Inspherio allows you to keep all your clients’ information at your fingertips, no matter where, you will never be caught off guard again.
Do you still use paper receipts and bill your clients via paper bills? I have news for you: while you are waiting in line at the post office; your competitors are closing deals with their next clients. Is that really what you want? Send your next bill with this automated feature via Inspherio and move on with your day!
Ditch the paper calendar! Get a shared calendar that you can access anywhere, anytime and even set up a reminder for the task to be performed. It will be especially beneficial if you have a group of people working with you in different locations, give access to the calendar maintenance to your key staff to in order keep everyone up to date.
What is the tool that saves you time the most? Share with us, we’d love to hear from you!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

4 simple steps you can take NOW to Organize your Business: How to Manage your Files for Event Professionals

Let’s continue our topic, “How to organize your business."

In previous blog we recommended that you divide your business into departments/divisions listing all the activities that keep your business running.
Now that you have a list of all departments, create a folder/drawer/shelf (depending on your business volume) for each department.  Keep it neat, too! By creating a designated space for each of the activities, you can streamline your search process.
Make it a habit to go over certain files in regular intervals.
When you go through the file whether a paper file, or digital one;  get rid of old documents, papers, invoices etc. To file and dispose responsibly, you could use a shredder and recycle old paper.  Even better - stick with digital format; this saves paper and space.  Also, make sure that all invoices have been paid, contracts signed, meetings arranged, supplies ordered, etc.
If there is more than one person involved in your business,this will be a good time to share the responsibilities.  Sit down and go over what responsibility will be performed by whom, if you haven’t done so yet. Divide and conquer together! Feel free to delegate, but be sure to follow up that all tasks are completed to your satisfaction. We will talk more about delegating responsibilities in our future posts.
Also, use a scanner and transfer all old contracts, leads,receipts and magazine clippings to digital format. To prevent data loss use cloud data storage! See what Inspherio has to offer!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Event Planning Business Organization; How to Divide and Conquer

First of all this article is for the people that are serious about their business, serious about making money and becoming successful. If you would rather watch dancing kittens, follow this link instead: Kittens Dancing.

Now, that we only have the serious readers, we will proceed.

Any business, big or small, needs a structure. Structure is the backbone of any business. A clearly defined structure will keep your business operations smooth and the management easy.
To create a structure for your business, break your business down into Departments. For Event Professionals like you, we recommend: Operations and Support departments. Ok, I can already hear you saying: "Wait, my business is run by one person, and it’s me!" Relax;we don’t want you to start a hiring campaign. These are Virtual Departments, the purpose of this is to keep your business organized; you can still serve in all departments and do a great job at it!

Divide your Departments in to Divisions or Sub-departments,whatever you want to call them, the main purpose is to reflect every activity that needs to be performed to keep your business thriving, think of everything. For example:

Customer service
Vendor relations
Accounts receivable
Accounts Payable

Building management

... and so on

We will continue talking about organizing your business in the next blog. For now, please, check our new product: Inspherio, which will help you organize your business and keep all of your event information.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 Things You Are Not Doing If You Cannot Get Work Done!

We are continuing the talk about the Time management; saving your Time and effectively managing your work load is what ultimately makes you efficient and successful.
We have come up with these tips to help our fellow Event professionals in their day-to-day struggle with time.

Before you start your day, make a plan, prioritize. Start by working on the most important tasks first in case if something comes up and you will be called away from your office, that way you can ensure that the most vital parts of your business are taken care of making you ready for whatever day brings ahead. 

Combat the procrastination; do the tasks you enjoy the least first, paperwork for example.
Needless to say your priorities should be ranked: Clients first, all other business next, but be sure to dedicate some time every day to build relationships. Call a client that you had an event with 3 months ago, ask how he/she is doing, speak to your employees and get feedback from vendors. It will help you stay in touch with reality and build collaborative relations with your team and clients.

Categorize your e-mails. There is nothing more frustrating than searching through hundreds of e-mails for that one e-mail you need right now to finalize the contract. It is especially hard when the subject line was not about what you are looking for. So, make it a habit to create special folders in your in-box. Usually by the event’s or client’s name, try to stay away from notorious “miscellaneous” folder. (If you are using Inspherio , you can paste the details from your e-mail into your client's page “Confidential information” tab to keep all the info at your fingertips.)

Before heading out to the meeting or making a call, make a list of what you need to say and ask, that will save you time of having to call back or reach for people to get or deliver the important information.

Always save your work on the computer every 10-15 min. Even better, use Google Docs that way you have your documents saved even if the computer crashes. 

Keep away from your e-mail. Make a habit to check your e-mail at regular intervals, say at 8am, 11am, 2pm, etc. Try to resist the urge to constantly checking your mail box constantly, it will save you time in a long run. Trust me; it takes on overage 10-20 minutes to return you back to the concentrated state of mind you were in before you received the e-mail that there were doughnuts in your break room.

Keep visitors out. Make your coworkers aware that you will be working on important tasks at particular time of the day, researching leads, for example, and you should not be bothered, the exception is your clients. Customer Service should be your number one priority!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How much does the Wedding cost in US?

24,973 - Number of jewelry stores in the United States in 2009. Jewelry stores offer engagement, wedding and other rings to couples of all ages. In February 2011, these stores sold $2.27 billion in merchandise.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns, NAICS code (448310)
$17 million is the combined wholesale value of domestically produced cut roses in 2010 for all operations with $100,000 or more in sales.
Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
17,124 - The number of florists nationwide in 2009. These businesses employed 75,855 people.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns, NAICS code (453110)
2.1 million - The number of marriages that took place in the United States in 2009. That breaks down to nearly 5,800 a day.
Source: National Center for Health Statistics
28.7 and 26.5 years is median age at first marriage in 2011 for men and women, respectively.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Families and Living Arrangements: 2011
Average cost of wedding bouquet, according to the Brides magazine is $230
Average cost of a Wedding is about 25,000, with about 6000 couples getting married daily, that makes the wedding industry one of the most lucrative industries, surpassed only by chocolate and travel industries. Even with economy slowing down in past few years, the average cost of the wedding went down only about 3k, (in 2007 it was 28,000). Couples still put a lot of value on how their event will look, where it will be held and by whom it will be planned.
Wedding Photography is another industry of its own, according to census survey, wedding photo make about 40% of the total professional pictures taken. Kids’ pictures are the next runner ups.
June, August and October are the 3 most popular months for the weddings.
Most recently there has been a lot of buzz on the web about what average event planner, DJ or caterer should charge for their service. Some debate that the flat fees are the best and give you better edge to win a customer, but the downfall is that the flat fee may not adequately reflect the effort and extra work you put in to the event. Some say that charging the percentage of the total cost of the event may be a solution to the problem; however that unorthodox approach caused quite uproar among meeting planners and other industry professionals. Seems that some sort of hybrid approach is needed here?
Would you charge your client a higher flat fee to stay on budget or would you rather sacrifice your effort to keep your client satisfied? Tell us what you think…

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Destination Wedding: 7 Rules About Southern Wedding Planning

More and more couples choose to travel for their wedding outside of their hometown. There are different reasons why. Sometimes they don’t want to play favorites if one or both of them are not from the town they live in or their families are scattered across the country. The number one reason is to pick an unforgettable destination that will be remembered by the couple and their guests.

South Carolina has become a very popular destination for a wedding. No wonder! Great weather, beaches, lavish parks make perfect backdrops for the wedding pictures. Places like Charleston offer great historic locations for wedding receptions and ceremonies.
So, what if you have to plan a wedding in a south? Where do you start to ensure that the wedding will be not just a party with lots of food, but a very special occasion, the one people talk about way after honeymooners returned home?
Here are few things to remember.
If you are a Wedding planner, DJ or any other wedding related professional, please, make sure that your fees and your budget are clearly discussed with the couple or the other responsible party. Do not surpass your budget; do not add any last minute fees. That will ruin the day. The comprehensive collaborative platform of Inspherio allows you to do just that, set your prices and let your client see them clearly with our Client Portal tool.
Most southerners don’t like sit-down dinners, buffet  may be more appropriate. Make sure that set up of the tables and stations allows for a good traffic flow, yet make sure that there are places to gather. Southerners like to congregate and chat. Ample elbow room around a bar station usually does the trick.
For the menu, stick with simple comfort dishes, nothing over-the-top. A roast-beef carving station with lots of side dishes is a loved staple.
Outline the time when the reception will end, it is a courtesy that will be welcomed by both guests and the staff servicing the wedding.
If a wedding is outdoors, take measures to ensure proper airflow;  fans, ice sculptures and lots of cold beverages (ice tea is best) will make your clients more comfortable.
These are just few things that we could come up with. For more Tips and Tricks visit our other blog posts.
Of course, every event is different and takes a lot of collaboration, communication and hard work.
We know you work hard, that is why we’ve created the communication tool, called Inspherio. Like no other platform out there it allows you to manage your clients’ information from anywhere, add special notes and to keep a history of your client’s events. Anticipate your clients’ wishes and wow them with your attention to detail. 
Get Inspherio today!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Why a Cloud Based Solution?

Every day we are more and more involved in the IT revolution. Our phones now talk to us, TVs can order movies, refrigerators can tell your power company how much power it used in a day while ordering groceries from a supermarket nearby, and those are just a few examples. Yet, everyday there is something new appearing on the market. Now more than ever we need to keep up with the growing demand of the customers for that famous “I want it now!” kind of service. The only way to keep up with it is to stay mobile.
However, according to the research conducted by Mark Fieldeman, contributor of Forbes magazine, it’s not that easy as it seems. 84 percent of traveling executives and managers report that they cannot work effectively on collaborative projects while on-the-go, despite increased enterprise adoption of iPads and smartphones. Of the executives surveyed, more than half (56 percent) admitted to project delays or missed deadlines because of poor mobile collaboration, and 38 percent missed business opportunities altogether. Half of all respondents reported difficulties in getting input from colleagues in a timely manner with 41 percent working off potentially out-of-date documents.
Clearly, there are several challenges for our increasingly mobile workforce that need to be addressed. Our effectiveness in the future workplace depends on us getting it right. Ignoring the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile trend is only causing employees to circumvent the rules which places your organization at risk.
Inspherio is a completely cloud based software solution. Give yourself an edge over the competitors! With Inspherio you will never have to tell your potential client that you will get back with the quote, send a quote right from your phone, tablet or any other device, receive the response and lock in the contract without any downtime or without calling your assistant. This is just a one of the things you can do to stay ahead of the competition. Please, check out our website to see more:

For more about Trends in Cloud Data storage click here

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fathers Day!

This Sunday millions of Americans will be celebrating Father’s Day. It is the Fourth most popular holiday to send a greeting card to someone!They say that there are 70.1 million fathers in United States.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated on July 19th, 1910 after it was proclaimed by Woodrow Wilson. It may be surprising to learn that this holiday actually was preceded by Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day originally started as a peace-and-reconciliation campaign after the Civil War bringing together mothers of Confederate and Union soldiers.

Mother’s Day is more commercialized than the Father’s Day, however, 110 million greeting cards are being sent around the globe. Yes, other countries like to celebrate it too! Many other countries around the world such as: the United Kingdom, India, Canada, China, France, Greece, Japan and even Hon-Kong celebrate Fathers’ Day is on the third Sunday of June. In Australia, the first Sunday of September is observed as Father's Day, while Finnish people celebrate the festival on the second Sunday of November. In Thailand, December 5th is observed as Father's Day every year.

What are your plans for the holiday?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Decor Trends

The official start of summer is just a few days away.  While our fellow wedding planners are busy working on their next magnificent event, let’s take a moment and see what trends are out there.
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a wedding? 

Of course, it’s a bride dressed to the latest season’s fashion. We will talk about dresses some other time.
What is the second thing?
What about wedding decorations?
There are few parallel trends this season when it comes to wedding décor. Some go with glamour, decorative lights, but the trend that stands out the most; is natural, organic weddings.
All decorations should look natural as if they were put together in a bliss by loving family members, featuring fresh flowers from the garden nearby, organic textures, such as burlap, tree bark, rocks, fruits, vegetables and, of course, candles.

Flowers have been a wedding staple since the beginning of times. So what is new this season? The trends this season is unexpected flower arrangements, whether that flowers hanging from the ceiling in place of a chandelier or centerpiece flowers submerged in water, which gives them that magnifying fresh look that any wedding decorator is striving to achieve.
Of course any wedding look takes lots or preparations and coordination. To help yourself put your next event together, stay organized with Inspherio, one of a kind, cloud based software that does most of the work for you, so you can dream and stay inspired!
Check it out at

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Invoices or 3 mistakes you could have avoided

Have you or your office assistant ever lost an invoice in the confusing labyrinth of your desktop software or even in a mountain of paperwork on your desk? 
Businesses like yours waste time and money due to inadequate business management each day. It’s hard to put a number on it, but think of the many hours you spend on billing and other menial office duties. In the Event Planning business, it is important to bill your client promptly and accurately to ensure your clients’ satisfaction. How do you do that?
Inspherio allows you to quickly generate an invoice with a unique invoice number (no more guessing and coming up with complicated file names to identify your invoices.) right out of your “booked event” page by using the same information you already have in the system. You can even do that on your phone, if you like.
Your client can also view the invoice immediately and pay it, right then, by using PayPal, Google Checkout or Authorize.Net.
Do you have a client that needs a bill today? What are you waiting for? Check out our website and take advantage of 30 days free trial.
We will be happy to hear from you, give us your feedback at, Facebook or Twitter.
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