Friday, April 22, 2016

Are You Facing These 7 Wedding Planning Challenges?

Everyone tells you wedding planning is so much fun!

Between picking the flowers, finding the dress, setting the seating arrangement, and hosting all those showers—wedding planning is fun, but it’s not easy.

When it comes to planning, there are a number of factors to consider and challenges to overcome.

So before you start out in the wedding planning business, plan a friend’s wedding, or your own—watch out for these 7 challenges.

Challenge #1: The ‘Zilla Family

You’ve heard all about the ‘zilla family, right? There’s the momzilla, the bridezilla, the groomzilla—and they make wedding planning a living nightmare.

From throwing temper tantrums to having to have their hands in all of the wedding-planning cookie jars, the ‘zilla family is the number one challenge facing wedding planners.

So how do you handle them?

Simple! To prevent a ‘zilla from making an appearance, be sure to include people in your planning. The reason these unwanted helpers show up is because they feel left out and like their opinions are not being heard or appreciated.

Challenge #2: Dreaming Too Big

It’s the dream day, the dream dress, the dream bridal party, the dream venue—the dream list goes on. But there’s also a dream price tag.

When it comes to wedding planning it can be difficult to rein in the dreams and match them to the budget—but you’ve got to.

Unless you’re living the dream and have no cap budget for the big day, you’ll have to decide which dreams you’ll be able to afford.

So set out a list of “must-haves” that you won’t compromise on, and then spend less money on the other “nonessentials.”

Challenge #3: DIYs (Do it yourself)

Everyone likes a good DIY project every now and then, right?

I mean, I know for myself I enjoy getting on Pinterest and seeing what wild creation I can make. But sometimes, Pinterest and other DIY projects turn into more of a money-waster than anything else.

However, you can always just ignore your client’s wishes of a DIY project. So listen to their ideas and offer to connect them with people/vendors who could replicate that design for them.

And if you have to go the DIY route, make sure you choose your project wisely.

Challenge #4: Unrealistic Goals and Expectations

Unrealistic expectations—for me that would be trying to touch my toes, but for wedding planners those are the champagne requests on a beer budget.

Sometimes your clients might ask for something on their wedding day that you know you can’t achieve.

And that’s OK!

It’s alright to let your client know that some things are just unrealistic. Now of course, you’ll want to say that in the best way possible, but the point of the matter is to remember that it’s OK to say no.

For example: If your client asks you to cut your hair into a pixie cut for their big day, you know what, you can say no and walk away if you feel underappreciated.

Now of course, that’s an extreme example, but you should feel in control of your decisions and the situation—don’t let the situation take control of you.

Challenge #5: No Good, Very Bad Event Vendors

In the wedding industry, your co-workers are your fellow vendors. These are the people who supply you with everything you need to put on a successful wedding for your clients, whether that means tents, tables, or flowers.

And trust us, not all of them are good.

That’s right, sometimes you run into no good, very bad event vendors. And they can make your wedding planning process, well, let’s just say not very good.

Find vendors that match your ethics, your professionalism, and appreciation for quality service. When you raise the bar and your expectations of service, bad vendors will slowly fade away from the picture.

Challenge #6: The Stressful Moments

As the wedding day gets closer and closer, the stress gets a little more intense. Emotions are up and anxiety has set in—things are about to get a little rocky.

You’re the planner, so remember to keep people calm, reassure them that everything is under control, and that you’re there to help and support them with whatever they need.

You are the voice of reason, and the more you keep calm, the more the party will too.

Challenge #7: Taking Things Personally

It can be difficult to watch something you’ve created and planned get ripped up in front of you. And although most of your clients won’t literally rip your plans up in front of you, sometimes their critiques are too tough to hear.

One of the biggest challenges about being a wedding planner is hearing critique and not taking it personally.

But critics come with the job. So the best thing you can do is to understand that when your client critiques your plan, it isn’t a slight against you, it’s that they see your vision and want to build on it.

There are always going to be challenges in this industry, but we’re confident that you’re going to navigate through them just fine.

Want to know how we know that? It’s because to truly make it in this industry you have to have passion for what you do. And since you’re here, we know you must really love it.

So go out there, face the challenges, and plan the wedding of someone’s dreams.
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Making a Toast? Don’t Forget to do These 5 Things

It’s your wedding day!

Everything has gone perfectly. People arrived on time, you got down the aisle, said your “I dos,” and now you’re enjoying the party.

But you know sooner or later you’re going to have to stand up in front of everyone and make a toast.

Yep! Toast making (without the toaster) isn’t just for the maid of honor and best man—the bride and groom are expected to say a word or two.

And unless you’re a creative muse I don’t think it’s possible to think of a speech on the spot without forgetting to mention a few things.

So we’re here to help you prepare your toast BEFORE you get in front of the mic.

Let Them Go First

You’ve heard the saying, save the the best for last? Well to not sound too snobby here, but you’re the party so you should give your toast last.

Let your bridal party say a few words, the maid of honor and the best man, your parents, and then you and your partner.

Having someone else open up the floor of thank yous before you is always a good route to go.


Well, it helps you calm your nerves and regain your composure.

Be an Inspiration and Get Inspiration

We’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for what we’re about to say or write. And the same can be said about your toast.

It’s OK to find sources of inspiration, words of comfort, etc. that came from other people to help you write your toast—just use the Oscar acceptance speeches as examples.

But you don’t just need inspiration, you also need to be an inspiration. Get your guests to laugh and smile along with you—let them share in your happiness.
Telling personal stories (that are good) about each other that have everyone in attendance smiling will help when you transition into saying thank yous later on in the speech.

Keep it Classy

So OK maybe you have a couple funny stories about your truly beloved, but maybe they aren't suited to be announced over a speaker.

Remember that you want to keep your toast full of happy memories (and comfortable ones).

Don’t make your guests feel uneasy with stories that could embarrass you and/or your significant other.  

Besides, this toast is to thank people for being there to celebrate your big day.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

Everyone tells you that practice makes perfect.

You’ve heard this saying so many times you could probably scream, but hey, it’s true!

Practice what you’re about to say before you’re about to say it to make sure that the delivery is flawless.

And remember, your significant other and you are going to be talking together—so practice together!

Remember the Thank Yous

The biggest (most important) part of a toast is the thank you.

Your toast should have elements of happy moments about the two of you, but it should really thank the people who made your day special.

But to avoid forgetting to name specific people, keep your thank yous broad. Thank your family, thank your friends, and thank everyone for making this a special memory.

And one last piece of advice: memorize the last line of your speech so that you can look up at the crowd and lift up your voice. You want that moment to be big, not trail off into some mumble or whisper.

Ready to give your toast? We believe in you!

And to those who already gave their toast, what advice do you have? Let us know in the comment section below or share it with us on our Facebook page.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Wedding Day

It’s almost your big day, you’ve got everything prepared and ready to go, and people are beginning to tell you that you should enjoy this time as your day will go by so quickly.

But there are five things people just don’t warn you about on your wedding day.

Check them out!

1. You Won’t be Able to Eat

Sure, you’re probably thinking “oh, it’s because I’ll be so nervous.”


You won’t be able to enjoy the delicious food you picked out because you’ll be too busy running around trying to say hello to everyone.

And between pictures, I dos, and meets and greets, food will be the last thing on your mind.

So grab yourself a protein bar and power through.

2. You’ll be Exhausted

Your big day is full of excitement and special moments, which means after the party ends, you’ll probably be, no, you will be exhausted.

From the early morning wake-up call, to the hours of hour and makeup, to the big moment—you’re going to get tired.

3. Prepare to Hate Your Hair and Dress

After the millionth bobby pin is pushed into your updo and your six hundredth button fastened, you’ll be begging for your pajamas and a hair brush.

Although you’ll love your hair and your dress the first couple of hours, be prepared to hate it.

4. Your Face Will Hurt 
From pictures, to smiling at all of your guests, prepare to have screaming cheeks.

On your wedding day, you’ll probably smile more than you ever have in your life (well, we hope you will for that matter).

So practice!

5. You Will Feel Different

Most people say you won’t feel any difference between dating and getting married. Well prepared to be shocked.

On your big day, you will definitely feel different.

Although you've probably been with your partner for several years, the moment you get married it will finally feel official.

So enjoy the feeling!

We hope you enjoy your big day, and are pleasantly surprised by all the special moments that occur.

If you’re recently married, share with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page the unexpected moments that happened on your big day!  

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Momzilla! Is This Really a Thing?

You’ve seen the movie Monster-in-law, right?

You know the one with Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan, and Jane Fonda? Well if you haven’t, you definitely need to.

It sums up exactly what your brides (and you) might face when planning a wedding.

But in all seriousness, dealing with controlling moms and future mothers-in-law can be a nightmare for any bride.

So as a wedding planner, it’s your job to stick up for your client, and put mom in the corner.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve got some tips to help you out!

Understand Why Momzillas Exist

To handle a momzilla, you first need to understand what causes a momzilla. And it all comes down to emotions.

Moms’ lives are changing. Their babies aren’t babies anymore, and their family dynamic is shifting.

And when it comes to your client’s wedding and happiness, moms want to make sure it’s the best for you.

So when the mom of the bride texts you or her daughter all the time, know that it’s coming from a good place.

These moms just want the best for their children, and them reaching out to you helps fight their anxiety a little bit.

How to Handle the Craze Momzilla

Yes, momzillas can be crazy!

One moment they’re perfectly fine with how you’re handling everything, the next they’re crying because it’s not right.

How do you handle it?

One of the biggest things a momzilla needs is to feel included, to feel like you want them as a contributor in the wedding.

No one likes sitting out or feeling excluded, especially mom!

It’s alright to ask mom for her opinion, get her insight on what the bride might like, as well as explore any hidden talents she might have in design.

And it might help calm the beast.

Don’t Bend too Much

Now of course, the best way to handle momzilla is to make her feel included.

But, and this is a big but, always make sure you’re still the voice for your client.

Don’t let mom overstep her bounds and start taking control of everything. It’s your client’s day and she hired you to be her champion, even when it’s against mom.

The best way to handle situations like that if they do arise is to sit down with the mom and explain to her that while you are both thankful for her input and all that she has done, her actions are causing problems.

Sure it’s a little frank and abrupt, but no need to be ambiguous and beat around the bush with a serious issue like this.

Be firm when it comes to fighting a momzilla!

Ready to battle your first momzilla, event planners? We believe in you! Just remember, you’re there to help your client plan their dream day.

And to those event planners who’ve dealt with a momzilla, tell us your experience in the comment section below, or share it with us on our Facebook page.
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