Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Shark Week Inspirations For Your Event

Discovery Channel's Shark Week is an event the Inspherioteam looks forward to all year. We enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting up close and personal with these great ocean predators, but without the actual danger of, you know death and being eaten. If you are a fan of shark decor and all those sharky things, you can easily incorporate them into your wedding theme. Here are some great little shark details to inspire your nautical or beach-themed wedding:


Give your tie an element of danger with this Shark Tie Bar Clip. Small details are a great way to incorporate some extra personality that won't overpower your classy wedding day look. photocredit:


When you think cuff links, what comes to mind? A simple engraved little square perhaps? Expand your cuff link imagination as big as the open ocean with these shark cuff links. photocredit:


Looking for something special to give to your bridesmaids? These shark tooth earrings are not just  extremely affordable at $12, but are perfect for your bridal party. I love the sophisticated look of these earrings. photocredit:

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

When it comes to cake toppers, the possibilities are endless. These customizable Shark Cake Toppers will definitely blow any ol' cake topper out of the water. They are super creative and affordable. We can't get over the cuteness of this adorable shark couple. photocredit:


An edible wedding favor will always be a big hit. These shark lollipops are great for guests, treats for the kids, or as a place card. And you know someone is going to sing the Jaws theme song when they pick this lollipop up. It's just a really fun and versatile idea. photocredit:

Jewelry and simple shark accents on your cake or as a wedding favor are great ways to integrate your love for sharks into your event. Remember sharks are friends, not food, and we hope these ideas have sparked your imagination.

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