Friday, May 16, 2014

Wedding Trends: Color Schemes For Spring & Summer

Are you lost in the world of color schemes when planning a wedding? The color scheme for any wedding sets the overall mood for the entire event. Here are some things to consider when planning a color scheme:

What is the overall mood of the wedding?
Light & festive: soft, pastel colors will transmit a relaxed-spring/summer vibe. The trending colors right now are - Mint, Blush, Dusty Blue. (refer to list below)

Bold & vibrant: these colors will definitely put your guests in the party mood and add drama to any venue. Make your wedding a celebration sensation with these trending bold and vibrant colors: Bright Orchid, Cerulean, Coral, Glittery Gold. (refer to list below)

Earthy & Calming: If it's more of a relaxed & laid-back atmosphere you are going for, earth tones are the way to go. These soft colors evoke romance and make your venue calm and inviting. Keep it mellow with these trending earth tones: Grayed Jade, Pale Yellow, Rose Gold. (refer to list below)

                                                                                                   photo credit: elegant

Understanding the Language of Color
When looking at colors to put together for your wedding you might hear some terms that can be confusing if your are not a color expert. Here is a breakdown of what color terminology:

                    Analogous - Three colors which              Complementary - Two colors                 Monochromatic - A color      
                    are side by side on a 12 - part                  which are directly opposite                    that is based on a single hue
                    color wheel.                                                 each other on the color wheel               and its various shades.
                                                                                          and create maximum contrast.

Whether its bold and vibrant or calm and romantic, test out what hue of your favorite colors look best to you. You can even mix bold accent colors in with your soft pastels for a nice pop of vibrancy in your color scheme.

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