Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Wedding Trends: Confetti

Now what wedding celebration would be complete without perfect planning from Inspherio&.....(insert drum roll) CONFETTI. Oh yes, those tiny bits of magic floating through the air are a simple addition that makes a big impact on your special day. It’s really fun to come up with ideas on how confetti will make its grand appearance at your wedding, you can really let your creativity flow. Here are some great ideas to get you started and spark your new confetti obsession…

The Confetti Cone
Presenting bright colored confetti in a cone makes it easy to grab, and make it rain confetti on the bride and groom as they make their exit. And it just looks so pretty in the basket before the ending festivities. photo credit:

The Confetti Balloon

Some places it is actually illegal to release balloons in celebration, but no one said anything about popping balloons filled with confetti. For a perfect confetti balloon send off, it is best to attach the balloon to a stick and add some streamers for a decorative touch. On one of the streamers you can add a safety pin for easy popping. Holding the balloons high, pop them when the Bride and Groom run underneath. It will make the perfect picture. photo credit:

Flower Confetti
The Confetti-palooza continues with a big favorite among brides - Flower Confetti! It is a chic spin on the classic paper confetti. The way it flies through the air and rains little flower petals in a rainbow of colors on the Bride’s white dress makes for an amazing wedding moment, and perfect photo op. And did I mention that flower confetti is eco-friendly - bonus! photo credit:

The Confetti Push-Pop

It's a party in a push-pop. Simple, easy, and ultra colorful. The great feature about this confetti shooter is that there is a lid on it to lock in the celebration until it’s time to party. photo credit:

The Confetti Wand
The classic confetti wand, never goes out of style. These would be perfect as place cards and add color to the table setting. photo credit:

The Confetti Bar

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s a Confetti Bar! Why waste time mixing confetti and packaging it, when you can let your guests do all the work. Who could ever forget a wedding that provided a confetti bar…#memories. photo credit:

These are only a few genius ways to incorporate confetti into your wedding, or event. When it comes to confetti, the possibilities are truly endless. How are you going to reinvent the confetti send off?

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