Monday, December 29, 2014

The Perfect New Years Resolution for Every Event Professional

It’s no surprise that New Years Resolutions are hard to come by and often, even harder to keep. Coming up with a resolution that actually means something to you can be difficult - no one likes the ol’ fall back, “get in the gym” - so for 2015, Inspherio is giving you a New Years Resolution. (You’re welcome!)

Ready? It’s simple: Get your event business right. Don’t choose between organization and success - have them BOTH, with Inspherio. 

From makeup artists and entertainment to planner extraordinaire, if you are a professional in the Event or Wedding business, you probably find that you have less hours in the day than everybody else. You are way too busy preparing for all of your events and clients to worry about all the meticulous details necessary to run your business properly. PS: Don’t worry, you’re not alone; literally thousands of event professionals are not taking advantage of the full potential of their business.

The common trade-off occurs when you either decide to go after more work and make more money or instead, devote less time to new jobs and more time organizing your business.

Thanks to Inspherio, 2015 is finally the year you’re going to get your business on track and running more efficient than ever. You no longer have to choose between staying organized and staying busy with new jobs. Inspherio allows you to manage your leads from start to finish as well as manage your finances, receive online payments, send electronic contracts, schedule employees, and so much more!

With a web-based event management software program for any type of Event Professional, you can stay busy doing what you love, because Inspherio is designed to help you take care of all those tedious behind the scenes details. Just think of how beneficial it would be to manage your entire business from one program.

Holy Hectic! I believe that’s how most of you Event Industry Professionals describe your days. But take a second here...It’s 2015; stop pushing the paper and get in control with Inspherio’s new event technology. I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be keeping this resolution.

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