Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Wedding Themes: Vintage

Vintage wedding themes pay homage to romanticized decades of our history. Incorporating a vintage touch into your wedding instantly transports you back in time where life seemed more simple, dressing up was an everyday necessity, and timeless glamour was in every detail. It just has a special effect on everyone and you can't help but feel the romance and love between the bride and groom. This theme never goes out of style-never, and it is one of the easiest themes to blend into your wedding decor. You have so many different choices of how to add vintage details to your wedding to create the perfect day you have always dreamed of.....


There are so many different choices for adding warmth to your wedding. Hanging lanterns are perfect for outdoor weddings/receptions to really draw attention to a certain area. And don't they just look so pretty. Chandeliers are a small detail with a huge pay off. They look so elegant and instantly add that vintage touch.
Birdcages are the universal vintage embellishment. You will see them find their way into vintage themes all over the place. They are inexpensive, timeless, and have many different uses.


Vintage style centerpieces are simplistic yet elegant. To create drama, incorporate items of different heights. You can find old books and vintage bottles all over the place to add a unique (and affordable) element to your centerpiece. You can even go flowerless and accent with pearls or vintage jewelry. Mis-matched tea lights, or even tea cup candles, are great for some added romance. I love an added pop of color with either a single flower or a small arrangement. These centerpieces are all about small, simple details that accent the surrounding table settings.


To really set your vintage theme, you need the right decor. What you use is dependent on your own style. If you want to go elegant and timeless, silver tea pots, colored tea-light holders, pearls, and hanging picture frames are just perfect for that vintage glamour look. If you are unsure of what dainty detail to add for that touch of glamour, a simple string of pearls is exactly what you need. They come in a wide array of colors and can be draped on chairs, tables, centerpieces, hanging lanterns, anything you can imagine. Old suitcases and wooden crates are great to give a large bland area a quick vintage feel, and you can add some lace gloves or other vintage clothing accessories for that 'something special' factor.

With a vintage theme, your wedding guests will entertained just by what you used to decorate. They will be transported back in time and the hardships and troubles of everyday life will quickly disappear. Leaving only the feelings of love and joy for the happy couple filling the air. The vintage theme is very romantic and will always be a popular wedding theme year after year.

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