Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Wedding Trends

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As the month of August comes to an end and the Summer heat begins to subside, it's nice to think of the next season to come.  

This Fall season brings its own new styles and trends that can be useful when planning your next wedding or other event.

An overall trend that has become quite popular over the last few years is an Organic / Natural style.  In the spirit of this style, many Fall events like to incorporate organic objects from their season.  

Bare twigs can be used for many different types of decorations, whether they are used around a candle, or incorporated into a centerpiece.  Bare twigs reflect the season by showcasing the beauty of nature even after the leaves have fallen.

Since the leaves have begun to change and fall to the ground, it is also nice to bring them into your event.  Your groomsmen can use brightly colored leaves as boutineers or the ladies could create a corsage with them as well.  

Another trend that also commonly goes along with an organic style is a Vintage theme.  Incorporating antiques or aged items into your event will match the organic theme perfectly.  for example, programs can be made with a vintage style and typeface.  This helps set the overall tone for the event from the beginning.  

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