Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Understated: the Latest Wedding Trend

By Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez, AFP/Getty Images
One of our biggest movie stars of the decade: Natalie Portman was recently wed to the French dancer, Benjamin Millepied.  Despite the fact that this couple certainly had the means to host an extravagant wedding with all the decadence and opulence that you would expect from a movie star's wedding, they decided to tie the knot with a relatively small crowd at a private residence in Big Sur, California. 

As Donna Freydkin wrote in a recent USA Today article about the couple's nuptials: "Portman joins an increasing number of stars who opt for nuptials not in lavish hotels or swanky resorts but in homes far away from prying eyes, invasive lenses and interlopers."

Freydkin goes on to mention several other celebrities who opted for a more intimate wedding ceremony such as Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard, Matthey McConaughey & Camilla Alves, and Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman.  But this trend does not necessarily only apply to celebrity weddings.  Many couples throughout the country are opting for a smaller gathering without all the extravagant details we have grown to expect from modern weddings. 

A smaller setting creates a more personal and relaxed event.  Since this is becoming more and more popular, wedding vendors should not be worried if a bride tells them that they want a small wedding.  It should even be encouraged. If a client does not follow their desires, especially for their wedding, it could easily end with an unsatisfied bride with a much bigger wedding than she bargained for.  Small weddings do not necessarily mean that they will cost less.  Most couples will still want to capture their big day with photos, videos, great food, and of course a beautifully styled location. 

This Understated style fits in with other recent styles that differ from the traditional large wedding.  While this new style may be popular now, there will of course be many couples that will still want to Go Big on their big day.  As we all know, each client is different and it absolutely essential that you realize what their expectations are for their event. 

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