Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learn Some InspherioTerminology

As you become more familiar with Inspherio, you may notice some words or phrases that you aren't familiar with, or perhaps you aren't sure of the context in which they are used in Inspherio.  Today, we can clear up some of this with a blog all about some of the Terminology within Inspherio.

Incoming Leads:
With Inspherio, you have the ability to import your leads directly from your website, your Inspherio site, or even a .csv file.  The "Contact Me" form on your Inspherio site automatically sends any lead information to the Incoming Leads section of Inspherio.  If you already have a website you use for your business, you can embed the "Contact Me" form onto your website easily so that your website leads will be automatically brought into your Inspherio account.

Active Leads:
An Incoming Lead is automatically changed to an Active Lead when you begin interacting with them using Inspherio.  You can use Inspherio to send them pricing information, create a custom quote, and even create a contract.  

InActive Lead:
If one of your leads falls through or if you are unable to work with them, you can change a lead to "inactive."  This way, you can retain their information that has been provided for your records, but this will not be kept with your active leads or events.

Booked Events:

Once an Active Lead accepts a contract, it becomes a Booked Event.  There is nothing to manually update, it is an automatic transition just like the transition from an incoming lead to an active lead.

Past Events:

After an event is concluded, it will make it's final transition to become a Past Event.  This is another automatic transition.  There is nothing to update manually for this, but you can view all of your past events through your Inspherio Account by selecting Events >> Past Events.  You can also create reports 

Cancelled Events:

A Cancelled Event is just as it sounds.  An event becomes a Cancelled Event when a Booked Event falls through.  The difference between a Cancelled Event and and InActive Lead is the fact that a contract was sent, whereas an InActive Lead cancels before a contract is sent.

To manage your business more efficiently, and learn some more Inspherio Terminology, you can sign-up for a Inspherio account.  Inspherio is the premier Business Management Solution for Event Professionals. 

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