Monday, July 16, 2012

8 Features You Could Use Now to Run Your Business

Wouldn't you like to have all your business information in one place?

The answer is obviously: Yes! The perfect solution is 
So, what is Inspherio ?

Inspherio is an all-in-one Cloud based Business Management solution for the Event Industry professionals.

 With Inspherio you can:
  • Manage your leads and all your communications with clients
  • Instantly send pricing and packages with just a few clicks
  • Collect information from your clients in real time with our exclusive KYE form.  You can customize the KYE questions as you want and also apply end dates for each of them.
  • Generate contracts automatically with information from KYE form
  • Put together payment plans for your clients and set dates automatically
  • Send the contract directly and your client can view and e-sign the contract. You also have the option to print and fax the contract if needed.
  • Manage all your finances from one place
  • Stay on top of networking by using the exclusive Market Place to promote your business to other vendors
Here is the best part, with Inspherio you can custom create a website and it is included with your subscription!
You can program your current 'contact' form on your website to import incoming leads directly into the leads in your Inspherio account.
At the end of the year, or at any other time, see where your business is and how it is doing by taking advantage of our extensive reporting section.  Now being ready for tax season is a breeze!
For a quick tour of these features, check out our video above.

We have only included a few of the features Inspherio is capable of, it is a very extensive program, so click on the ‘Try’ button now to get started & learn more!   There is no credit card required to try it out!

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