Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 Useful Customer Service Tips You Need to Stay Above the Competition

If you are in the Event Industry, obviously, the Customer Service is a big part of your Business.Your Customer Service can be what sets you apart from your competition and keeps business flowing toward you. So, you want to make sure that the Customer Service You deliver is exemplary.
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So, what happened if you showed up on time, did your job, billed your client, but the client is not happy? What do you do?
  • First thing: React Fast. With means of Social Media the customer feedback may go viral, before you even know it.
  • Then: Listen. Make notes. Let your customer explain exactly why they do not feel satisfied. Make notes, to ensure that all points are addressed.
  • Be Empathetic!You may think that the service you performed was great, however something fell through the cracks and your job NOW is to FIX IT. When listening to customer concern, think of how you may have felt in similar situation. Put yourself in their shoes!
  • Offer an apology! It is incredible how often the apology is forgotten. Your customer may not expect it. However, by offering it you will add a start point toward the recovery process.
  • Own up to the issue and offer the solution. Do not stop at the apology, offering solution is ultimately what you need to strive toward; solution is why your customer contacted you in the first place.
  • Make sure that solution satisfied your customer. Discuss it with the client. Is it what they were looking for? Are there any other concerns that they might have forgotten?
  • Follow up to ensure that action has been taken to recover the damage.
  • Contact the customer via preferred way of communication to let them know of the outcome. (In previous blogs we have discussed the importance of knowing how your client likes to be contacted. There is nothing more annoying than calling the client, when they asked to be e-mailed, and interrupt them in the middle of an important meeting, or worse: honeymoon.)
  • Take a note of the issue and establish procedure that prevents similar situation from happening in the future.
We hope that these tips help you establish great customer relationships. If you need more tips tailored for Event Industry professionals, visit our blogs. To make your business processes simplified, visit Inspherio and check out all the solutions we offer now!

Leave us a note! What do you do to make your Customers Happy? We are looking forward to hear from you.

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