Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Organize Your Home Office

Is your business growing? 
But is it still not big enough to rent a space in an office building? Then you are, probably, working from home. 
As a part of our “Improve yourself –Improve your Business Friday” we have researched these tips for Event Professionals that work from home.
Just like in any other office, you must plan your day. Your day must not include house tasks; working hours should be for work only.
Dress for the job, just as if you were going to work at a traditional office. Get up at a certain time, shower, and get dressed. You have to feel professional to be professional.
Create a work space that is used for work exclusively. Preferably, isolated from other areas of the house, such as a separate room or a part of the room sectioned off with a divider of some sort.  As a self-employed individual, you are entitled to a tax write-off for a home office as long as it is exclusively used for your business.  Working near a stove in the kitchen, is usually not a good idea, you will have hard time concentrating.
Know your business budget and arrange your office accordingly. To save money, it’s better to buy used furniture or re-purpose items that are already in the house. Buy supplies at warehouse stores in bulk to always have plenty at hand. Decide how much time you spend in the office. If you spend very little time in the office, pay less money for office equipment, such as desktop computer and office chair, invest, instead, into mobile assistance: cloud-based software such as Inspherio, a tablet, and car office organizer.
Not having a traditional office space does not mean that you would not have traditional business etiquette. Keep in touch with your clients just like you would in a regular office; return their calls and e-mails promptly.  To stay on top of your clientele needs and to schedule your appointments on the go more efficiently, click here.
Structure your family and personal time; get a baby sitter, house help, etc. if needed to concentrate on working during working hours. On the same note, devote ample family time during non-working hours, since working from home can sometime erase the boundaries of a work day there is a risk of working from home around the clock.
Just as we mentioned in our Efficiency blog plan ahead and set your goals, challenge yourself to achieve and surpass them.
Reward yourself for the job well done. You have to remember if you do not have a conventional boss to pat you in a back and give you a bonus at the end of the month, you have to do it for yourself. Well…, bonus, depends on your direct earnings, but reward yourself with a purchase, new fancy camera lens, for example, trip with your family or other things that inspire you to do more.
Remember to network, find vendors and clients and keep in touch. The unique "Marketplace" feature within Inspherio can make this process very easy for you.
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