Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Work With Leads

Let’s talk about Leads today!
There are few ways you can work with leads via Inspherio:
As a part of your Inspherio subscription you can have your own website. You can use the “Contact Me” form to collect leads from visitors that come to your website, those leads will then appear in the Incoming Leads section of your Inspherio account.
You can Embed the HTML code, to enable your existing website to accept leads and to directly import them into your Inspherio account.
You can also create a “Contact Me” link to your Inspherio account from your existing website.
If you want to transfer a number of leads from another program you can do that by uploading a .CSV file; just follow the program prompts. Voila! All your Leads are now in your Inspherioaccount with just a few clicks.

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