Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Turn Any Feedback Into a Positive One!

Customer Service is one the most important tasks in your business regardless of whether you are a B2C (your direct customer is a final consumer: Wedding Planner, Photographer) or B2B (your direct customer is a business: Party rentals, Florist) type of business.

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Today, we would like to talk about the times when the customer feedback goes public and the word spreads around. What to do and how to do it.

  • As we mentioned earlier:  act fast. The faster you address the complaint the better.
  • Contact the customer directly (if possible) asking for all the details of their complaint
  • Start working on rectifying the issue, try to make it as fast as possible.
  •  It is extremely important that the customer is satisfied with the recovery process.
  • Go the extra mile, WOW your customer by anticipating the next step of the process or go beyond the usual line of service. For example, if you are a photographer and the bride is not satisfied with the picture quality. The usual step would be to make steps to improve the quality, if any way possible, and the extra step would be to mail picture copies to the relatives and friends of her choice at no cost.
  • Depending on how the word got out, try to make an announcement via the same channel... i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp.  If possible, ask your customer to pass the word along that the issue has been rectified and to recommend your service in the future.

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