Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Event Guide: Outdoor Events in Autumn

Happy October!

As we make our way through the autumn season, the weather gives us a whirlwind of emotions. From rain and breezy 60°F forecasts, to hot and humid afternoons, we never know what’s in store for us. For event professionals, planning around weather conditions can be tricky, especially when it decides to throw curveballs. Don’t live in fear of the weather, though! We have some tips on how to create beautiful fall events, even with the wildly unpredictable fall weather.

Inclement Weather

We know it happens, and sometimes it can come out of nowhere! So don’t let inclement weather catch you off guard or surprise you—plan for it! Suggest to your client that renting a tent, canopy, or a shelter/pavilion is a great way to help fight the elements. Whenever I helped coordinate events, we always planned to have a covering for the guests, as well as for the food and entertainment—trust me, no one wants soggy food or a ruined sound system.

As for your decorations, the wind is a horrible beast to slay, unless you have your own personal stash of pixie dust, also known as sand. Weigh down your vases and ensure that your swags are securely fastened. The wind can even knock over speakers or signs, so make sure to have them weighted down as well.

Comfortability Factor

Your clients waited until Fall to host their event because they didn’t want their guests sitting in 90°F heat. But now, they’re facing the unpredictable autumn temperatures. However, there are ways to prepare. For cooler temperatures, you can use outdoor space heaters, start a bonfire, or provide throw blankets to keep people warm. If the weather looks warm, consider these items:
  • Fans
  • Misting machines
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Plenty of water
Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the dreaded nighttime, light-attracted bug: the moth. To keep these little dust-covered animals to a minimum during your evening event, use yellow or softer lighting as opposed to bright white lights.  


Now for the best part of all—Fall decor! This event season is all about the color combos, cozy beverages, roaring bonfires, and decorations that complement the beautiful rust-colored leaves that cover the ground. 
  • Color Combos
You might be worried that the Fall season seems a little dreary and drab. But with the perfect color combo you’ll have a warm, fall-appropriate, and elegant event. The 2015 color of the year is Marsala, which is a member of the red-brown family. Try pairing it with glamorous shades of gold and metallic to really make it pop. 
  • Fall Accents
Now, we’re not suggesting that you break out the orange pumpkins, but you can decorate your tables with more fall foliage to capture the autumnal effect. You can paint gourds with dashes of metallic colors, or use pine cones, twigs, and red leaves to surround some rustic candles. And did we mention mums, dark roses, and coleus for the flower arrangements? Make sure to stay tuned for more details on fall-appropriate flowers in our next edition of the event guide.

Autumn, with all of its beautiful colors, is a perfect time to host an event. Just remember to make your guests comfortable, plan for the weather, and take advantage of the beautiful autumn world around you. Happy Fall planning!

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