Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gobo or Go Home: 6 Tips for Saving Money on Event Lighting

You thought about it, but your clients didn’t, and now there’s barely any money left in the budget. That’s right, we’re talking about event lighting!

In most venues, adequate lighting is usually provided. However, in more adventurous or eclectic spots, extra lights are a must. Well lighten up and don’t worry! We’re here with six illuminating, money-saving tips on how to light up event spaces at little to no cost. Ready to become enlightened on inexpensive lighting designs in this week’s event guide? We have a bright idea; let’s get started!

(Alright, the puns stop there—maybe.)

1. Uplighting

Uplighting is the best way to give your event the most light at the smallest cost. To create a successful uplighting look, place the lights on the ground close to a wall, with the light pointing up. You can even position these lights at certain objects or an area you want featured. We suggest adding colored lights to create more of a visual dynamic.

2. Cut the Cord

Wireless lighting is the new trend! You can save the extra cost and hassle of fretting over extension cords and wires to power your lights. Wireless lights, like tea lights, can be placed on tables or in arrangements. We suggest placing your wireless lights in areas you can’t hide a cord or where extension cords are needed. And there are even submersible tea lights, giving you endless possibilities to light up your event.

3. Candles

Our ancestors were doing something right when they used candles (ignore that it was their only option). Candles, in and of themselves, add the perfect amount of light and ambiance. We suggest placing candles on your event tables and around your event space nearest to people. Save your brighter lighting for the perimeter.

4. Gobos

Gobos are the brightest thing to hit the lighting market in a long time! Think of a gobo as a silhouette creator. They are either metal, glass, or dichroic, and are placed over a light source (usually a spotlight) to create different light patterns, monograms, logos, and/or special effects on walls, ceilings, and floors (think of a disco ball). Gobos are the perfect way to decorate an event space and add visual appeal to plain walls or floors. We suggest finding star-shaped gobos to create a starry night scene on your venue ceiling.

5. Projections

Similar to Gobos, shining a projection on a wall or ceiling can dramatically brighten up your event space. With a variety of colors and range of brightness to choose from, projections can cut down on your lighting needs. However, we suggest limiting the amount of decor when using projections; you don’t want to overcrowd/over-decorate your event space.

6. String Lights

Have you ever seen or been to an event that used large string bistro bulbs? These Hollywood lights (as I call them) are inexpensive, but create dramatic effects on your event space. You can drape your string lights to create a more intimate space, especially in large, outdoor areas. We suggest searching for Edison bulbs to create a more vintage look. Edison bulbs are clear and allow you to see the glowing filament inside.

It’s time to stop looking so gloomy, and brighten up! Do know of another way to bring light into your event space without spending a fortune? If so, share it with us! And remember, the Inspherio Crew is here to help you stay on budget with all of our great business management features. Check us out and see for yourself; we’ll even give you a free 30-day trial on us!

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