Friday, October 9, 2015

The Event Guide: 7 Flower Mistakes to Weed Out of Your Event

People love flowers.

From daffadillies to red roses to calla lilies, a simple floral arrangement can transform clothes into elegant outfits and event spaces into warm, inviting rooms. But flowers can also cause allergic reactions, attract insects, overcrowd the space, and much more. Which is why as an event professional or florist, your expertise on all things flowers is sought after. So to prevent bee stings and sneezing guests, help your clients avoid these seven common mistakes when they’re selecting flowers for their event.

Ready to sort the flowers from the weeds in this week’s event guide? Alright—let’s do it!

Mistake 1: Not Trusting the Florist

You are the professional—the flower guru. You know which flowers are appropriate, are in season, and would work best for the event space. Convince your clients that you are going to provide absolutely breathtaking arrangements by hosting a meeting with them to discuss their theme, their likes and dislikes, and their budget. Let them know the pros and cons of each flower they choose, as well as another alternative (if there is one). This method is a great way to build trust between you and your clients.

Mistake 2: Picking Only One Color

Colors are meant to be harmonious, much like music and poetry. If something is too bland or chaotic, our brains have a difficult time organizing and constructing a logical structure. Flowers, with their multitude of color, can either create a sense of interest and order, or create disorder and chaos. This is why we suggest steering your clients away from the same color sequence when it comes to the flowers and other decorations. A color wheel would be useful to help your clients see the variety of flower colors that can complement their event theme.

For example: Sunflowers would make a bold statement with deep purple bridesmaid dresses because purple and yellow are direct opposites on the color wheel.

Mistake 3: Strongly Scented Flowers

No one wants a sneeze to replace their “I do,” or puffy eyes to be mistaken as tears during someone’s happy moment. Which is why we suggest keeping your clients and their guests away from strongly scented flowers. And yes, we know that Stargazers, Gardenias, and Hyacinth are gorgeous in bouquets, but they produce a very strong (almost overwhelming) fragrance. Instead, suggest to your clients that you can add these flowers to arrangements to the gift table, arches, aisles, window sills, etc.—somewhere where people will not congregate or eat.

Mistake 4: Not Caring for Cut Flowers

Once it’s cut, a flower only has a few hours or days until it's completely wilted. And unfortunately, some cut flowers have a shorter lifespan than others: an example would be hydrangeas. Although hydrangeas are a show stopper in a bouquet, they need to be kept in water throughout the day—their lifespan is only three hours without water. Speak with your clients about how to care for flowers during their event to make sure they last the entire time.  

Mistake 5: Ordering Too Late

Flowers come from all over the world, which means ordering at the last minute is out of the question. When a client contacts you, one of the first questions you should ask is the date of the event. Most people wait until the last few months until their event to discuss flowers. So explain to them that the quicker they decide on flowers, the more likely it will be that they get their first choice in flowers. And it allows you time to make alternative bouquets if needed.

Mistake 6:  Forgetting to Budget

The cost of floral arrangements for an event can quickly add up—usually coming as a surprise to most people. To prevent this sticker-tag shock, find out your client’s budget before you share samples and ideas. You’ll also be better prepared to help sort out how many flowers they can afford for each space and event.

Mistake 7: Big, Bigger, Biggest

You have a client that’s always dreamed of a bouquet of two-dozen red roses to walk down the aisle with, tall vases filled full with an assortment of flowers for the reception tables, and wreaths on every door. Although you might love that they are dreaming big, it’s important to remind them of the overall event picture. And besides, the bigger the bouquet, the heavier it will be to hold. Try selling your clients on the comfort and size of the flowers, rather than the “bigger is better” motto.

Flowers are the perfect finishing touch to every event; help your clients find theirs today! And remember, the Inspherio Crew is always here to give you the best event tips for your business. Check us out and try Inspherio for free for 15 days!

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