Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keep on Schedule with the Itinerary Feature from Inspherio

Let’s start with a scenario, shall we?

It’s the day of your client’s event. The festivities are beginning, but the musicians haven’t showed up yet and the photographer is wondering when she should start taking pictures. You tell everyone to rest assured; you have it all figured out. You reach for your itinerary, only to realize that it isn’t there. Panic rushes over you. What do you do? Everything you’ve planned, all of your hard work, is on that sheet of paper. People are starting to gather around you, growing more and more anxious by the minute. How will the event go on? What time do people arrive? The questions begin to swirl, and you’re sinking lower and lower into the floor—how could you forget the itinerary?

Freeze frame!

OK, so it’s bit extreme, but you get the point! You never want to be caught at an event without all of your necessary items—nor do you want anyone to start panicking. As your Crew, we don’t want that either, which is why we created the Inspherio Itinerary feature to help keep everything on schedule. And the best part is, you can access your itinerary from your computer, phone, or tablet anytime and anywhere.

So without further ado—introducing the Itinerary feature from Inspherio!

How-to Guide

Knowing when everything is supposed to happen during your client’s big day is important. But, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task to keep up with. Just let Inspherio’s Itinerary feature help. To get started, follow these simple instructions!
  • Click on the “Leads” tab on your Inspherio dashboard.
  • Select the client you are creating an itinerary for from your Active or Incoming Leads folder.
  • From there, click on the Itinerary icon located under the the “Just For You” section.
  • In the itinerary management section, you can choose to upload your own template or use the one that we provide.  
  • If using the one we provide, click on the “Add Itinerary” tab. A popup screen will appear allowing you to enter in important information—time, duration, and client and vendor information. 

  • Now just rinse, wash, and repeat a couple times until your itinerary is complete.
  • Once you’re finished, you can save it for your records, print it out, and/or send it to your clients and vendors. It’s really that easy!
Never get caught unprepared! With Inspherio, you can access all of your event information in one easy-to-use location. Sign up for Inspherio and make sure you’re always prepared. Try our free 30-day trial today!

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