Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inspherio Integrates SmugMug

One of the most innovative ways to optimize and automate a business operating within the event industry is provided by the web-based business management program Inspherio. Launched in January 2013, Inspherio celebrates their one year anniversary by announcing their integration with SmugMug, the leading photo hosting service for photographers. 

With Inspherio's integration of SmugMug, photographers no longer have to bounce back and forth between
programs to manage a single event. Now photographers can manage all aspects of their business in one place, from managing leads to recording payments to uploading images with their synced SmugMug account. This makes completing tasks even faster, creating extra time that photographers can invest back into their business or taking some personal time to truly admire their great work. 

About Inspherio
Inspherio is an easy to use, web-based business management program designed specifically for wedding and event professionals. Its creators understand that event professionals have a lot on their plate: working with clients, vendors, employees, and variety of administrative tasks that steal time from the creative process. The old event management process that required four to five different programs: spreadsheets, word processing, accounting, etc was outdated and obsolete. Inspherio has streamlined the entire event management process in one single program: from organizing leads, generating and e-signing contracts, uploading photos with the new SmugMug integration and everything in between...
  • Leads - Seamlessly import leads from websites or other sources, as well as, create leads within Inspherio. All the information stays organized and easily accessible, simplifying the process of following up with potential clients.
  • Pricing Packages - Users can send pricing packages or custom quotes to potential clients with just a few clicks or even from their iPhone or Android device. This means no more missing out on clients because of out-of-office meetings.
  • KYE (Know Your Event) Form - Exclusive to Inspherio, the KYE Questionnaire helps event professionals collect specific information from clients. The questions are easily customizable and put the client in charge of entering detailed event preferences. Never get caught up in last minute preparation guessing or miscommunications again.
  • Contracts - One of the unparalleled features that Inspheriooffers is the ability to create, send, and electronically sign contracts.
  • Year-End Financial Reports - Effortlessly prepare for tax season by running year-end financial reports with a few clicks, and these features are only a glimpse - Inspherio offers so much more!

Inspherio provides live 24 hour U.S based support. For event professionals who want to see Inspherio in action, a complimentary 30-day trial is offered along with live 1-on-1 product demos, and free account set-up.

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