Friday, January 31, 2014

Over The Top pt.2 - Trash The Dress Photo Trend

You only wear your wedding dress for one day, so why not Trash It and create amazingly Over The Top wedding photos? These brides went above and beyond the traditional wedding photos and trashed their dresses to create unforgettable images.

How do you trash a wedding dress?

Light it on Fire!
Well maybe not really light it on fire (let Photoshop be the pyro), but you can make it look like your love is so hot, it literally ignites.
 *Photo courtesy of Del Sol Photography

Play In The Mud!
Just tell everyone you wanted a creative/dramatic rendering of your inner child.
 *Photo courtesy of Bigler Productions

Paint It!
Get your husband involved and let him express his artistic side.
*Photo courtesy of

 ...Or go for the more exciting Squeeze Bottle Paint Fight! All is fair in love & war.
*Photo courtesy of  Chesler Photography.

 Make a Splash!
The beach makes a perfect location to trash any beautiful white wedding dress.
 *photo courtesy of

Soak It!
 Dive in and create amazing underwater photos.
*Photo courtesy of Del Sol Photography.

All The Above! 
Combine all your favorite Trash The Dress trends..Wear it to the Ocean, Cover it with Paint, & let Photoshop Light It On Fire!

*Photo courtesy of White Studio

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