Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

What do you get your special valentine? Most people would say chocolates are best, others go for the jewelry option, or a sweet thoughtful message on the perfect card and plush teddy bear. There is one Valentine’s Day classic that should not be forgotten - The Flowers!

Florists around the country are creating the most beautiful rose bouquets, but why are these symbols of love given on Valentine’s Day? It is said that Saint Valentine left his love a red rose and a note before he met his tragic fate on February 14, 269. If you can’t get anything else on this day of love, make sure to get a rose. Here are some unique ideas for the perfect bouquet of flowers for your special someone…

First a twist on the classic - Flower in Vase

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Roses look amazing in giant martini glass.

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Sweeten up any bouquet with with candy.

Make your valentine (gasp) and say Aww that is so sweet!, by making a bouquet with the music to their favorite song, or a map of the world.

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Combine the idea of roses and delicious cookies that look just divine!

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