Friday, June 22, 2012

Event Planning Business Organization; How to Divide and Conquer

First of all this article is for the people that are serious about their business, serious about making money and becoming successful. If you would rather watch dancing kittens, follow this link instead: Kittens Dancing.

Now, that we only have the serious readers, we will proceed.

Any business, big or small, needs a structure. Structure is the backbone of any business. A clearly defined structure will keep your business operations smooth and the management easy.
To create a structure for your business, break your business down into Departments. For Event Professionals like you, we recommend: Operations and Support departments. Ok, I can already hear you saying: "Wait, my business is run by one person, and it’s me!" Relax;we don’t want you to start a hiring campaign. These are Virtual Departments, the purpose of this is to keep your business organized; you can still serve in all departments and do a great job at it!

Divide your Departments in to Divisions or Sub-departments,whatever you want to call them, the main purpose is to reflect every activity that needs to be performed to keep your business thriving, think of everything. For example:

Customer service
Vendor relations
Accounts receivable
Accounts Payable

Building management

... and so on

We will continue talking about organizing your business in the next blog. For now, please, check our new product: Inspherio, which will help you organize your business and keep all of your event information.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Event planning is something that is very difficult to do because it requires a lot of analytical thinking and organization. One of the things that should definitely not be overlooked is getting the right HVAC service since you will need to keep everyone and everything at a consistent temperature.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Chase. You're right, this shouldn't be overlooked. Having a consistent temperature is important for a number of reasons: guest comfort, food temperature, not overheating electronics, condensation buildup could short out electronics or cause liability issue because of a slippery floor, etc.