Monday, June 25, 2012

4 simple steps you can take NOW to Organize your Business: How to Manage your Files for Event Professionals

Let’s continue our topic, “How to organize your business."

In previous blog we recommended that you divide your business into departments/divisions listing all the activities that keep your business running.
Now that you have a list of all departments, create a folder/drawer/shelf (depending on your business volume) for each department.  Keep it neat, too! By creating a designated space for each of the activities, you can streamline your search process.
Make it a habit to go over certain files in regular intervals.
When you go through the file whether a paper file, or digital one;  get rid of old documents, papers, invoices etc. To file and dispose responsibly, you could use a shredder and recycle old paper.  Even better - stick with digital format; this saves paper and space.  Also, make sure that all invoices have been paid, contracts signed, meetings arranged, supplies ordered, etc.
If there is more than one person involved in your business,this will be a good time to share the responsibilities.  Sit down and go over what responsibility will be performed by whom, if you haven’t done so yet. Divide and conquer together! Feel free to delegate, but be sure to follow up that all tasks are completed to your satisfaction. We will talk more about delegating responsibilities in our future posts.
Also, use a scanner and transfer all old contracts, leads,receipts and magazine clippings to digital format. To prevent data loss use cloud data storage! See what Inspherio has to offer!

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