Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 Things You Are Not Doing If You Cannot Get Work Done!

We are continuing the talk about the Time management; saving your Time and effectively managing your work load is what ultimately makes you efficient and successful.
We have come up with these tips to help our fellow Event professionals in their day-to-day struggle with time.

Before you start your day, make a plan, prioritize. Start by working on the most important tasks first in case if something comes up and you will be called away from your office, that way you can ensure that the most vital parts of your business are taken care of making you ready for whatever day brings ahead. 

Combat the procrastination; do the tasks you enjoy the least first, paperwork for example.
Needless to say your priorities should be ranked: Clients first, all other business next, but be sure to dedicate some time every day to build relationships. Call a client that you had an event with 3 months ago, ask how he/she is doing, speak to your employees and get feedback from vendors. It will help you stay in touch with reality and build collaborative relations with your team and clients.

Categorize your e-mails. There is nothing more frustrating than searching through hundreds of e-mails for that one e-mail you need right now to finalize the contract. It is especially hard when the subject line was not about what you are looking for. So, make it a habit to create special folders in your in-box. Usually by the event’s or client’s name, try to stay away from notorious “miscellaneous” folder. (If you are using Inspherio , you can paste the details from your e-mail into your client's page “Confidential information” tab to keep all the info at your fingertips.)

Before heading out to the meeting or making a call, make a list of what you need to say and ask, that will save you time of having to call back or reach for people to get or deliver the important information.

Always save your work on the computer every 10-15 min. Even better, use Google Docs that way you have your documents saved even if the computer crashes. 

Keep away from your e-mail. Make a habit to check your e-mail at regular intervals, say at 8am, 11am, 2pm, etc. Try to resist the urge to constantly checking your mail box constantly, it will save you time in a long run. Trust me; it takes on overage 10-20 minutes to return you back to the concentrated state of mind you were in before you received the e-mail that there were doughnuts in your break room.

Keep visitors out. Make your coworkers aware that you will be working on important tasks at particular time of the day, researching leads, for example, and you should not be bothered, the exception is your clients. Customer Service should be your number one priority!

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