Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Pink Bride® - Tennessee’s Leading Wedding Resource

“To connect wedding couples with local wedding professionals for the ultimate wedding experience!”

The CEO and President of The Pink Bride, Fred Jacob, is here to tell us about what it’s like to be surrounded by ballroom dresses, flowers, and cake toppers—and how to make it in the wedding industry.

A quick snippet about the company...

This year, Fred Jacob is celebrating his forty-first anniversary with his wife, Donna. Congrats to the happy couple! Throughout their entire marriage, they have worked together as a team to make their dreams of working in the wedding industry a reality. Their love of weddings has even passed on to their daughter, Allison, who joined The Pink Bride team ten years ago. Allison currently manages the Nashville and Memphis division of the company. The Pink Bride serves as a resource for engaged couples in Tennessee to find the best wedding professionals in the state.

Tell us about the beginning years and about The Pink Bride Magazine!

In 1989, I started The Pink Bride with the goal of publishing a bridal magazine in my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Although I had no previous experience with publishing, I began writing editorials and putting together content for the first Knoxville issue, titled “Here Comes the Bride.”

After a successful first issue, I decided to expand my publishing efforts to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Subsequently, as each issue became more and more successful, I started publications in the Tri-Cities region, Nashville, and Memphis. Today, after 25 years in publication, my team and I debut each issue of the magazine at The Pink Bridal Shows®, held twice per year in five different cities. In 2014 alone, we distributed over 150,000 copies of the magazine.

What are The Pink Bridal Shows®?

My goal for The Pink Bride has always been to connect couples with wedding professionals in Tennessee. I wanted them to work together to create the perfect wedding experience. Nearly fifteen years ago, I decided to begin producing bridal shows. I thought of it as a way for brides to be able to find all of their wedding needs in one place. We refer to it as a “pop-up wedding mall.” Today, The Pink Bride produces two bridal shows in each of the six major markets of Tennessee— Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, and the Tri-Cities region.

The Pink Bridal Shows® have become a major source for brides to get great ideas and connect with wedding vendors. In this ever-growing electronic world, wedding professionals are still finding that the bridal shows are the most direct way to connect with brides. Why? Bridal shows let engaged couples and professionals interact on a greater personal level than can be achieved through the Internet.

In 2014, the bridal shows brought in nearly 9,000 brides and 800 wedding companies, which was the largest attendance the company has seen yet. As a company that continues to grow, we expect to have a 15% increase in 2016 as well.

Our largest show is at the Music City Center, where we cover over 90,000 square feet of space with nothing but weddings. With exciting fashion shows and a lot of wedding vendors offering great packages, couples are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience.

How do you keep up with technology in today's world?

To provide today's brides with the latest information, we really utilize Pinterest. It’s the number one social media platform brides can use to plan a wedding. So we’ve created individual Pinterest accounts for each one of our display advertisers. In addition, within The Pink Bride magazine, a bride can scan the bar code that is displayed on each ad for a company and it will take them directly to that advertiser’s Pinterest page.

What can brides expect on The Pink Bride website?

Our website,, is a place for wedding couples to connect with wedding professionals. We reach over 50,000 visitors each month. The website is designed to make it easier for brides to find wedding information by providing them a convenient list of participating magazine advertisers and wedding vendors in each region. Wedding couples can also easily access tickets for upcoming shows, order The Pink Bride t-shirts, and purchase a copy of The Pink Bride magazine.

What is the The Pink Bride Statewide Venue Directory?

We are always working to make it easy for the bride and vendor to connect! Just this year, The Pink Bride debuted its Statewide Venue Directory. As a magazine that combines over 980 Tennessee wedding venues across the state listed by geography, the directory is a great resource for couples to sort through wedding venue options more quickly.

The Venue Directory is distributed to all wedding couples attending each bridal show, and is available for free at over 500 locations across the state. A complete list is also available at

We’ve heard you’re releasing a new app soon. Can you tell us more about that?

The Pink Bride’s latest creation, launching in January 2016, is called BrideScan. This app allows brides to easily access vendor information following a bridal show. Prior to the show, each bride and vendor will input their own information into the app. Then, at the show, when a bride takes interest in one of the wedding vendors, they will be able to easily scan a vendor’s bar code. When the bar code is scanned, the information is transferred from vendor to bride and vice versa. Following the show, both the vendor and the bride will be able to review the list of information.

BrideScan will be released nationwide for all show producers to be able to use in every US market.

Bridal Wars! We want to know more!

In Nashville on May 14, 2016, The Pink Bride will be doing their first event with Bridal Wars. Bridal Wars is a one day event in which brides create three-person teams and compete for prizes. We’re excited about this event, and we’re still thinking of new ideas to reach brides in Tennessee!

What else should we know about the Pink Bride?

Well, glad you asked! Because Nashville has become such a popular party destination, The Pink Bride created its sister company, Pink Bach Parties. This company connects engaged women to all of the hot activities in the Nashville area.

The Pink Bride looks forward to the future and continues to evolve the company to fulfill its mission statement: To connect wedding couples with local wedding professionals for the ultimate wedding experience!

Thank you, Fred Jacob and The Pink Bride! The Inspherio Crew loved learning all about your company. Hey event professionals, be sure to check out The Pink Bride if you are in the Tennessee area; they’re great!

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