Thursday, November 5, 2015

Event Guide: 5 Tent Renting Tips for Your Next Event

It’s no secret that science hasn’t mastered the art of controlling the weather quite yet. Sad, really, I was banking on the songs/chants “Let it Snow” and “Walking on Sunshine” to make a bigger impact. But short-story-short, the elements, with their main mission to cause event planners to pull their hair out, will always be unpredictable. And I’m sure you already know our suggestion for how to beat it. It’s tent city, tent, tent city; ten, ten, twenty foot—and we’re stopping now.

Of course, no one really wants a tent, but sometimes a planner has to do what a planner has to do. Luckily, we have all the tips and advice you need to make renting the perfect tent for your event an easier...uh, event!

When to Rent

Just like your venue, the earlier you rent the tent, the better off you’ll be. A tent should be considered part of your venue budget, because trust us, if you live in areas prone to inclement weather–anywhere on the eastern and western seaboard—you’ll need one. Event tents can be expensive, so it’s best to make room for it in the budget. You don’t want your clients falling in love with a venue at the top of their price range, only to realize they can’t book it due to money constraints for a tent.

Yes, Size Does Matter

No one wants to be the person standing on the outside of the tent, so it’s important you get the right size. And yes, we completely understand; you and your client haven’t even discussed the number of attendees, how could you possibly rent a tent? Our advice, guest-timate (ha, get it?), and use this handy spreadsheet we borrowed from our friends at APW. A word to the wise, the squarer the tent, the more visually appealing your venue area will look.

Cancellation Policy

Your clients are really against having a tent at their event, but you think it’s just too risky to not reserve one. Our suggestion/solution to the situation would be to partner with a tent rental company that offers a cancellation policy. If two weeks out from the event, the weather forecast is calling for clear skies and sunny days, cancel the tent. Your clients might not receive their entire deposit back, but it’s extra money they can put towards other expenses. We see it as a win-win kind of deal!

Frame or Not to Frame?

That is the question! When it comes to tent styles, there are two options you can choose from: poles and frames. Pole tents are more commonly used, especially for weddings. These tents typically have poles lining the edge of the tent, with center poles supporting the canopy. Pole tents are the more popular choice because they are less expensive than their competitor, the frame tent. A frame tent is the perfect choice for when you have limited space to work with. Frame tents are not supported by poles, but frames (hence the name) and work well on any type of surface; no need to place stakes in the ground.

Extra Supplies Not Included

Sometimes renting the tent is just not enough to bring the atmosphere and look together; you need all the extras. We’re talking lights, dance floors, heating and air conditioning, etc. And oh yeah, they aren’t included in the price of the tent; it’s all, you know, extra!

When selecting a dance floor, our rule of thumb is to divide the number of guests by 4. It helps determine how many couples you can expect to be dancing at any given time during the event. Now to find out exactly how many square feet the dance floor should be, multiple that number by 10. Voila; simple math and a simple solution to all of the questions dancing around in your mind.

We also highly suggest renting heating and air conditioning units for the venue/tent. During the summer, the sun mixed with the plastic tent tarp equals sauna for your clients and their guests. And in the wintry season, there is hardly any insulation keeping the warm air inside the tent. Our suggestion is to strategically spread heating or air condition units throughout the tent, keeping the guests comfortable and your clients reassured that it was good investment.

Tents don’t have to be your clients’ worst nightmare; with a few decorations and personalized touches, they can really save the day. For more great tips, stay tuned for our next edition of the Event Guide. And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Inspherio. We’re what you call experts when it comes to tricks of the event industry trade.

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