Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Sofia Vergara Breathtakingly Changed the Event Planning Industry

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello tied the knot Sunday evening, 11/22/15, in the most stunning way possible—and it’s all on Instagram (fan girl scream)! Our hearts are just melting from all of these magical images. Not to sound cliché, but her wedding and Instagram photos were picture perfect. As we were scrolling through her insta-feed though, it dawned on us—more and more people are using social media to plan their wedding. Has this affected the event industry in any way? Our conclusion: it’s changed the game completely. And here’s how. 

1. The Wedding Website

Wedding websites are everywhere, and they’re certainly the coolest thing we’ve seen so far! On sites like The Knot or Wedding Window, your clients can create free wedding websites to give their event that special touch. On these sites they can:
  • Tell the story of how they met each other, the proposal, and the planning process. 
  • Snap and share their photos. These sites are a great place for couples to post pictures of their love. 
  • Save time when it comes to RSVP’ing! You can get an immediate response from the guests instead of waiting for a paper reply by adding an RSVP section to the website. 
Changing the Industry: Good Rating! 

We’re big fans of the wedding website! This makes RSVP’ing a breeze for you, and it gives the couple a venue to show their love off. We say, “spread the wedding website news.”

2. Pinterest

We love Pinterest. Now we know we might get some backlash for that but we think it’s an excellent avenue for you and your clients to swap ideas for design, decor, and food. Pinterest is not a planner, you’re still a vital part in planning events—don’t feel in competition with the site. With Pinterest you can:
  • Share ideas and inspiration for an event.
  • Promote your services, showing pictures of your designs or types of events your hosted and planned. 
Changing the Industry: Great Rating! 

Pinterest is a planner’s best friend, remember that! The pins and boards you like and follow can help you better communicate a design or an idea to your clients. You can also create private boards that only you and your client can see, where you can pin ideas to it to help with the planning process.

3. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

It seems like everyone has a wedding hashtag! Twitter is one of the quickest ways for you, your clients, and their guests to share messages, posts, and photos of the event in one place. And for the folks who couldn’t make it to the event, it gives them a live update on what’s happening. Find the perfect hashtag for your clients with the Wedding Hashtag Wall.

Changing the Industry: Drastically for the better! 

Whether it’s during an event or for future events, Twitter is a great way to show your potential clients your work. And besides, it’s a fun way to remember the night.

4. Instagram

You were probably wondering when we were going to get back to talking about Sofia Vergara and her handsome new husband, Joe Manganiello, right? Well, we’ve made it! Sofia Vergara gave her fans the best present of the year by posting all of her wedding pictures on Instagram. It gave us instant access to her special day! Which is why we love Instagram for weddings and events. Here’s what else it can do: 
  • Like Twitter, it captures all of the event pictures in one location.
  • It connects and shares pictures to all of your other social media pages.
  • It’s fast and trendy, making it a great place for people to comment or love your work.
Changing the Industry: Kudos! 

Try Instagram! It can help you promote your business, get your designs out there, and guide more potential clients to your site. It’s a win-win-win situation if you ask us.

Social media is changing the event industry, are you on board? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook or Twitter! And if you’re not already a part of the Inspherio Crew, be sure to sign up for a free 30-day trial!

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