Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Span Enterprises Family of Business Management Products

As you may already know, Inspherio was created by Span Enterprises: a software company based in Rock Hill, SC.  Inspherio is just one of their business management products.  Other web-based business management products offered by Span are UnitWise & UnitHub.  While these products have some similarities, they are meant for different audiences.
UnitWise is for Mary Kay* Consultants, Directors, and NSD's to Manage Their Entire Business Online. 

UnitWise can be used for every aspect of an independent beauty conultant's business.  From tracking inventory & creating sales receipts to sending email marketing campaigns & creating a custom website.

* - UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay
(Learn More about UnitWise)

is an easy to use, web-based program to help Direct Sellers flourish. It's a convenient, safe and secure way to
manage all of your contacts, send Emails, & Build your online presence! UnitHub is for Anyone in a Direct Selling Business like Mary Kay*, Avon*, Pampered Chef*, Scentsy*, BeautiControl*, Stella & Dot*, Tastefully Simple*, Beachbody*, Thirty-One Gifts*, Lia Sophia*, etc.
* - UnitHub is not affiliated with any of the companies above
(Learn More about UnitHub)

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