Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Create Online Forms

Photo Credit:  Johan Larsson
One of the most versatile features of your Inspherio website is the ability to create online forms.  These Forms can be used to collect information from the people who visit your site.  This can be basic contact information, polls, vouchers, or anything else you can come up with.

You can even make certain fields mandatory!  

Text Guide:
-  First you will need to edit one of your website pages in Inspherio under Website >> Public Site Content

-  To begin creating a Form, click on the icon that looks like a dotted rectangle and says “Form.”  Then, you only need to enter the name of the Form and click OK

-  These Forms can consist of Open-Ended Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, lists, and more
-  Lets Start with creating a Text Field.  This is useful if you would like to collect info such as names, phone numbers, etc.
-  Start by entering what information you are collecting.  Such as a Name.  Then Click the Text Field icon.
-  Then enter the name of this text field, then enter character width of 20-30 this determines how long the box is.  Then Enter the Maximum Characters that someone can put into this field. Then click “OK”
-  If there are things you would like to change about this form, you can double-click the box and make some changes.
-  You can keep adding fields like this one, or you can do something a little different.
-  If you would like to give the User some options, add Radio Buttons by clicking the dot icon that says radio button
-  Name the button, then type in what it represents
-  You can also use checkboxes in this manner if you want the users to check all that apply
-  Now lets add a Drop Down Menu
-  Go to the Icon that says Selection Field
-  Give it a name and then select the number of lines.  You will likely want to limit it to one line.  Then select the same text for text and value and click add.  Click OK when you are satisfied with the drop down options
-  In the End, you will need to add a Submit Button so that this information will be sent to you
-  To do this, select the icon that is titled “Button”
-  Then type in Submit for Type and Value.  Be sure the Type is Button.  Then Click OK
-  If you would like to have this information sent to someone else, like say, your virtual assistant.  Then you can do that also.
-  To do this click in the area right before the Submit button
-  Then go to add a Hidden Field.  
-  For the name of this form type “form notify email” as one word.  formnotifyemail.  And for the value, type in the email address that the email notification should go to.  Then Click OK
If you would like to make certain fields mandatory, you can do that through the source code by clicking “Source”
-  To make a text box or a text area mandatory, first find the field in the html code
-  In the line of code for the text box, you will need to add class="required"  and title="This information is required"
-  This way, the user will not be allowed to submit the form until the required field is completed.  If the user clicks the submit button without entering any value in that particular field, the text we entered for the "title"  will show up in red.
-  When the Form is completed, it will then be sent to you in an email.  

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