Thursday, January 28, 2016

You've Probably Made These Wedding Etiquette Mistakes!

Wedding etiquette—a series of rules, formalities, and expectations passed down the wedding industry lineage for centuries. And with all the rules to keep up with and follow, you might be missing a few. So quiz yourself, how many of these wedding etiquette mistakes are you making?

Mistake #1: Leaving off the Date and Location on Save the Date Cards

One of the few purposes of the Save the Date card is to let your guests save the date for your upcoming nuptials. Which means, on your save the date cards you’ll have to include when and where the wedding will be. It’s a common courtesy to give your guests this information sooner, rather than later, so that they can save extra travel days (if necessary).

Mistake #2: Selecting an Inconvenient Date and Location

OK, we’re still on the location and date train here, but it’s a big etiquette no-no to plan your wedding on difficult days and in inconvenient places. Yes, we know you’re the bride, but you have to think about your guests too. Although Friday and Sunday weddings are cheaper than Saturday, they tend to put a bit of a strain on your guests who have to make arrangements at work to attend the event.

Mistake #3: Inviting Some and Not Others

It can be tough to narrow down your guest list, be selective, and make a final decision. But one of the biggest etiquette mistakes that a lot of people make is inviting some family members but not others. We understand that you’re really close to one uncle, and that you’ve never met the other uncle, but in terms of etiquette, all uncles should be invited. In situations like this, it’s best to sit down with your family members and draw up a list of all extended family that will need to be included before moving forward with your other guests.

Mistake #4: Inconsistency with Plus Ones

We’ve all heard/seen/experienced it before. Someone brings a plus one that everyone knows will not be sticking around the relationship for very long. And it seems absolutely depressing that you have to allot $40 for this plus one. However, in the laws of all things etiquette, you can’t be wishy washy on who can bring a plus one and who cannot. You have to remain unbiased in the plus one category. Trust us, being unbiased will help you avoid any potential arguments or fights.  

Mistake #5: Not Having Handwritten Labels on Invitations

Now sure, this seems like an archaic etiquette rule but it’s a mistake that should never be made! Weddings are big events, and your guests need to feel that you are excited and that their presence there is important. Whatever you do, ensure that you handwrite your guests’ names on the envelopes.

Mistake #6: Not Personally Greeting Each Guest

You invited over 200 people to your wedding, and now you’re thinking “there’s no way I can speak to every one of them.” Well my friend, failing to speak to all of your guests personally is a big wedding etiquette mistake. Your guests made the effort to be a part of your big day, so make sure your thank them for making it special. 
Alright, tally them up! How many etiquette mistakes have you made? Let us know in the comment section below or share with us on our Facebook page.

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