Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Must-Know Wedding Planning Secrets

Secrets! The wedding industry is full of them, and when you’re a newcomer to it all (or newly engaged) it can be difficult to get the inside scoop and all the know-hows. Well, as we said in our last blog, we don’t see anything wrong with sharing a few secrets. So we’ve rounded up five of our must-know wedding planning secrets to help you get started planning the event of your (or your client’s) dreams. And although these might seem simple, they can save you from potential day-of problems.

Keep reading to find out our top wedding planning secrets!

Secret #1- Think Through Everything

It’s easy to think about the flowers, the flavor of the cake, and the venue, but remember, you have to plan and think about everything. How are guests going to get from the ceremony to the reception area? Who is going to help pass out programs? And the list of questions just goes on! It’s easy to think about the main attributes of the day when you’re planning a wedding, but the secret to minimizing pesky problems is thinking through every little detail.

Secret #2- Always Have Extras

You might have gone over and over the list, had all of your RSVPs returned to you, and the exact number of guests set. But like clockwork (trust us we’ve seen it) someone you weren’t expecting shows up, and they brought someone with them, which is why we always suggest you plan for extras. Set out a few extra chairs (you can keep it to an even number) and increase your catering and program orders. It’s always best to overestimate than underestimate.

Secret #3- Buy Fancy Umbrellas

It doesn’t matter if the weatherman tells you it’s going to be sunny with a high of 100°F, always bring umbrellas with you. We suggest you purchase fancy umbrellas that you (or your client) wouldn’t mind being photographed under, just in case it starts raining. And if it does start raining, think of the umbrella as a cute prop to incorporate into the pictures.

Secret #4- Map it

Before sending out invitations with directions to the venue, ask a friend who isn’t familiar with the location to test them out. Even if you use services like Google Maps, MapQuest, or venue-provided directions, you’ll want to make sure they’re accurate. Trust us, it could save you a headache and a lot of phone calls on the big day.

Secret #5- Know Your Surroundings

Congrats! You’ve found the venue of yours (or your client’s) dreams, and you’re excited to start decorating. But before the big day, take a little drive around the area of your venue to locate the closest ATM, drugstore, liquor store, or any other convenience store. That way, if you have any last-minute items you need to get during the party, you’ll know exactly where to go.

So now you know a few of the industry’s biggest secrets to help make the big day a complete success. And although Inspherio isn’t a secret, be sure to check out our event planning management solution designed specifically to help you stay organized on everything from the guest list to the inventory. We’re here to help you plan your success. Try Inspherio free for 15 days!  

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