Thursday, September 3, 2015

Four Reasons Not to Worry About Your Competition

Let’s Get Down to Business

Who is your biggest competitor? Is it another event planner or music professional that lives in your area? Or, is it a well-known restaurant that offers low-cost catering? Whatever the profession, there are always other businesses that provide similar services to yours. They are what you consider the competition. Unfortunately though, many companies worry more about staying so far ahead of the other guy that they forget to concentrate on what’s really important—their customers.

At Inspherio, we understand that other business management programs can help you plan an event or keep track of your inventory. However, in all humbleness, we are confident in the services we provide and the features we offer, which is why we don’t worry about the competition. Want to know how we do it? We aren’t afraid of the competition knowing so we’ll share our secrets with you!

Mission Over Profit

When you go shopping, the salespeople are always so eager to help you find that perfect outfit. When they are done making selections, it turns out to be the most expensive pieces of clothing they have in the store. Doesn’t that frustrate you? You feel like they don't want to help you look nice, and are only there to make a profit. Believe it or not, your customers feel the same way when you try to sell them your most expensive service. You started your business with a mission to offer your talents and to make your customer’s day a special one. It wasn’t a mission to beat your competitor. Did something change?

It’s important to remember why you started your event business and get back to it. Whether it’s providing tables and chairs, getting people dancing to music or making sure the event goes off without a hitch—forget your competition. Focus only on services that will make your client’s dreams come to life. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

Be the Best of the Best

Raise your hand if you’ve ever snooped on your competitor’s website to see what type of pictures they are capturing or services they’re offering. *Raises hand* We’ve all done it, and we’re not too proud of it. But we did it for a good reason, right? We wanted to stay ahead of the competition. Well, I hate to break it to you, but copying from your competition is not helping you grow your business and gain customers. You’ve already missed the customer train if you wait to see what your competitors do.

I’m speaking to a creative group of people, and I know that you have dreams and original ideas for your own business. So go with them! Your thoughts and ideas are what makes your business unique and different from the other guy’s. There’s no time to play copy-cat when you have customers wanting to use your services.

Celebrate the Good Times

It’s time to stop envying other’s accomplishments and start celebrating your own! Be confident and proud of the services you provide, as well as always celebrating your business’ gains. When you’re happy with your business, you won’t be envious of what you competitors have done.

At Inspherio, we celebrate all our accomplishments. From new members joining to helping someone plan the perfect event, we celebrate everything because we love what we do.

Just Do It

“Actions speak louder than words.” Although we say we will put an end to our faulty habits, we never actually do, do we? Well, it’s time to escape the trap of feeling another business is better than yours, and embrace your accomplishments, triumphs, and good deeds. It’s your dream; live it for yourself!

It’s time to share YOUR gifts and talents with the world. When you give the best, no one can stop you—not even your competition. And with Inspherio—the all-in-one event planning and business management program—helping you accomplish great things in your business, you’ll never have to think about the competition again.

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