Thursday, September 17, 2015

Event Guide: Top 5 Trendsetting Venue Ideas

Trends come and go all the time in the event industry. And, event professionals are always searching for the next best theme or design to impress their clients with. The same can be said for event venue owners! Rental spaces and locations are constantly changing to appeal to their clientele year after year.

Do you know what types of venues people are searching for this year? Well the results are in and we’ve got the answers!

Indoor and Outdoor Space

People are often willing to take on the weather, but not without a security shelter. Venues that win over the clients at a higher rate are those that offer both an indoor and outdoor space.

People are interested in switching scenes and locations within an event to provide a different visual appeal. These two spaces can help separate the activities and create a sense of multiple styles, rather than just one. Two separate (indoor/outdoor) spaces also helps to reassure your client that no matter the weather, the show will go on at your venue.


Every client is different, so why does your venue remain the same? Offering a space that clients are free to decorate and add their own personal style to is important. Create areas in your venue that can be used for a variety of events and ceremonies. These style-free spaces give your clients the opportunity to create their dreams anywhere. People want a space that is unique to them.  

Technology Friendly

Technology plays an important role in our lives on a daily basis. Where does your venue stand on the technology spectrum? Provide your clients with Wi-Fi accessibility—it might be the best investment you make. Wi-Fi accessibility is the easiest way to bring attention to your business and venue space. Here’s how to do it:

Add your Wi-Fi password to your business’s social media page. A well-known music venue in Charlotte, NC provides people with Wi-Fi access by having them LIKE their business page on Facebook. Smart move! It increases the number of likes the business receives, allowing them to greatly increase their reach and client base.

So get techy and get your venue noticed!

Repurpose Buildings

Is there an old barn or warehouse located on your space? It’s perfect for a wedding, reunion, birthday party, etc. People love to blend and combine the old with the new. That’s why keeping and preserving old buildings at your venue site is such a great idea. A repurposed building provides a space big enough for people to gather, and also provides character and charm to the environment.

Fire Pits

I know this one idea might seem outlandish, but fire pits are the next big trend. Events are starting to be held later and later in the evening, and people enjoy relaxing around the fire after an eventful day. Venue owners are noticing this trend, and are providing areas for people to relax, roast marshmallows, and share stories. It creates a friendly and close environment that people want for their event. So get started on a do-it-yourself (DIY) project to add more warmth to your venue space.

It doesn’t take much to be a trendsetting venue! Let us know in the comment section below what trendsetting designs your venue offers.

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