Friday, July 31, 2015

Don’t Short-Change Yourself: Confidence Matters

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “Don’t Hawk What You Can’t Handle: A Lesson In Customer Service.” The article warned against overextending yourself with promises you can’t keep -- still solid advice (I think so anyway).

While it’s certainly important to know what you can and can’t promise your customers, it’s first and foremost important to be confident in your abilities.

Just because you're starting out doesn't mean you have to start small! For instance: as a wedding planner, if you start off with low budget weddings, you may find yourself stuck in that category -- a tale more common than you might think. Now, there's nothing wrong with simple, inexpensive weddings, that's for sure. But if you aspire to do more high-end weddings, then go for it! -- provided that you are confident of your skills. Never limit yourself out of fear of failure.

If you believe you are capable of offering high-end services and you are sensible about your resources, then you're set. The greatest weapon in the event professional’s arsenal is self-confidence. You can handle just about anything if you’re confident in your abilities. Of course, confidence comes from knowing you’ve done the proper prep work, training, and practice that will allow you to succeed. Otherwise, it isn’t confidence, it’s bluster.

Too many event professionals sell themselves short, not because they can’t afford to offer greater services but because they lack the confidence to do so. If you convince yourself that you are not ready for something, or that you are not as skilled as someone else, then you’ve already defeated yourself. Exude confidence even when you’re scared. You’ll be surprised how quickly that confidence becomes real.

Clients notice and respond to your sense of self. If you waver at all, they’ll immediately question your abilities -- and why not? After all, if you’re not sure of yourself, how can they be?

Whatever service you offer, offer it with complete confidence that you are the best person for the job. And once you've taken a look in the mirror and told yourself you're awesome (confidence), take a look at Inspherio, the all-in-one event planning and business management tool (sensibility). Inspherio has the tools to help you to grow your business: you won't have to waste time with a lot of busy work that could be better spent doing fun things like cultivating your business's image, establishing your presence, and connecting with clients. Just sayin'.

One thing's for sure: without a program like Inspherio, you're going to have much more cause for anxiety. Nothing is more confidence-shattering than having to juggle websites, applications, and paperwork trying to stay afloat. Get organized, save time, and make more money with this program! Try our free 30-day trial and see for yourself. Let Inspherio be the spark that ignites your fire!

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