Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome to the Future: Consolidate With Inspherio

It’s 2015 -- the future has arrived, but we’re all a little bummed that there are no flying cars, hover boards, or little pills containing whole meals. (Okay, maybe the last one doesn’t sound so great, but still, we expected more. Come on future!)

Event professionals know that to compete in today’s day-in-age, being technologically connected is an absolute must. It’s 2015, but there are still many event professionals juggling their records, correspondence, marketing, and accounting in several different programs that are tied to several different devices. 

Where are the magic pills for the event industry?

The advantages of consolidating your information into one program are manifold. If you are wasting time jumping from program to program, with client and event information strewn across platforms, then you are going to fall behind the competition. 

Consolidating your information frees up a lot of time and energy better spent improving your business, expanding your customer base, and advertising your services.

We may not have meal pills yet, but we do have Inspherio, which consolidates all of your event planning needs into one easy-to-use, cloud-based program. Think of all that information you carry around for your business -- how are you carrying it? How many programs do you currently use to manage your business?

Inspherio takes the weight of multiple programs off of your shoulders and gives you the power to create, access, and edit all event related information from your fingertips. Manage your leads, events, accounts, contacts, marketing, correspondence, payroll, and more in one convenient location. 

Here are just a few of the many useful features Inspherio offers:

  • Leads - Create, import, and manage potential clients -- and keep their contact information all in one place.
  • Events - Keep track of all of your past, present, and future event information, including contracts, package pricing, itinerary, appointments, and more.
  • Accounts - Manage all of your invoices, payments, credits, refunds, and more -- all of your financial records accessible in one place.
  • Marketing - Reach large audiences with email marketing campaigns and create convenient email templates for whatever purpose you like.
  • Reports - View a variety of detailed reports concerning your account activity, your contact information, and your event history.

It’s 2015. Isn’t it about time you had a program that does it all? Try out our free 30-day trial and give the future of event-planning a try.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Anyone that doesn't keep everything in one place is wasting precious time and loosing money!