Friday, May 29, 2015

Ask the Right Questions: Inspherio's "Know Your Event" Form

As an event professional, you know better than anyone the time-consuming process of gathering information from clients. You take detailed notes during your meetings with clients, but every so often you forget to ask something. So you make phone calls, you draft emails, you meet up in person -- and then you accidentally throw away the notes you took. Hair torn out.

And despite calling, emailing, and meeting to get all of that information back again, come event day you are told you provided the wrong kind of flowers, or that you should have had this and that but didn't. You could've sworn you asked, but you lost your notes! Hair torn out again.

Then you realize you never asked them their preferences for table skirt colors, or whether or not they need refreshments. You're going to go bald! (If you're already bald, you're beautiful...but you still don't need the stress!)

We know you're not careless. We know you're professionals. But accidents happen, and when they do, you're stuck playing time-consuming (and hair-ripping) catch-up.

With Inspherio's Know Your Event (KYE) form, you can avoid spending too much time corresponding back and forth; planners and clients are able to ask and answer preliminary questions so that all necessary information is available from the start.

With the KYE form, you can:
  • Create, save, edit, and reuse your own questions for different types of events
  • Use convenient template forms for different types of events (i.e. weddings, parties)
  • Edit questions and information for future events
  • Ensure all potentialities are covered and all parties are on the same page before planning begins.
And the best news is that it's all cloud-based, so you'll never lose your information (or your hair!). Visit and get started on that KYE form with our free 30-day trial.

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  1. Very good advise! Nice to know there is a program out there to prevent mishaps!