Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blogs Every #EventProf Should Be Reading Now….Right Now!

I’m sure you know that the Event Industry is ever changing and keeping up on recent news and discussions is vital to your career. Even though social media is not technically a make or break matter, if you are using social to market yourself and company, the blogosphere is a must for finding useful content to share with friends, fans, and followers. If you’re not perusing for others, you should be checking in just to stay up to date on what is happening in your industry.

While I am one of the last few who still checks out books at the local library -- and proud of it -- the interwebs holds that advantageous edge of being extremely current. Real time Twitter discussions, Facebook shares, or Reddit rabbit holes can lead to blog posts within minutes! Okay, maybe hours. I know you’re busy.

True quality event industry bloggers are field leaders and usually highly experienced event veterans who write about all the things that are on other event professionals minds. From non sugar coated opinions to objective news, these are, in my opinion, are some of the top blogs (in no particular order, I swear) that every event professional should be reading...probably every day.

Ah, Liz King. This passionate tech-savvy event planner provides fun and influential commentary on event planning trends and tips, event technology and social media, and solutions for the everyday problems faced by event planners. From event inspo, videos riddled with advice, and quick read but full of great content articles, TechsyTalk is a daily must.
Velvet Chainsaw
Powerhouse Jeff Hurt doesn’t shy away from controversial topics and I can’t get enough. VCC showcases entertaining and thought provoking pieces that truly keep focus on great advice and ideas for event and meeting professionals. If you’re looking for innovative and a fresh take on taking your business up a notch, this one is for you.
Event Manager Blog 
As one of the first event professional blogs to come about, EMB made a name quickly and it stuck around. Discussing event technology trends, social media, event concepts and fun new ideas, Event Manager Blog always keeps you Event Planners in mind.From guest posts and a plethora of infographics, to a large innovative startup community, this team covers all of their bases. Even better, resources are easy to find on this comprehensive and well organized site so you have no trouble checking it out on the day to day.
I’m a BizBasher, hardcore. This hub is a wealth of knowledge, news, creative ideas and tips that even the most experienced of experienced event professionals visit for ideas and practices to implement into their own business. Added bonus: you can sign up for an account and create an “ideabook,” similar to Pinterest, and save articles and images to your profile. Frequenting BizBash is a no-brainer.
Event Tech Brief
Home of the weekly newsletter, the team over at ETB is extremely event and technology driven. Filled with insight into emerging trends and what the future eventtech holds, EventTechBrief was created to assist event professionals with choosing and purchasing technology through careful dissection and review by this savvy group. ETB’s goal is to assist your professionals and move the industry into the future, watch this one like a hawk.
Event Planning Blueprint
She says it herself, Melanie Woodward is all about connecting event professionals with new ideas and tools to help them success. Yes, please. Sharing a diverse collection of things she has learned in her years, this blog is chock full of tips, suggestions, motivation, and so much more that any up and coming, or even established, event professionals would need to grow their business. I enjoy her straight forward but inspiring attitude towards a business she clearly loves. It’s a great jump off point for anyone in the industry.
To me, Bizzabo is one of those perfect blogs that is easy to navigate and fun to read, while still being extremely informative. Keeping event professionals up-to-date on new event technology, planning tips, trends, books to read, seo guides, event promotion ideas, and so so so much more, Bizzabo is an easy and great daily read for everyone in the event industry.
Well known event professional and conference expert, Keith Johnson, tells it like it is. They claim, and I believe it, that they cut through the clutter and noise so that event industry individuals can learn about new planning trends, marketing, technology, and thinking without having the wool pulled over their eyes. With great tips for any type of event planner, PlannerWire only serves up the best making them a must read.

While not technically a blog, it most definitely deserves a spot on this list. All these great sites we have listed provide you event professionals with so much content, it’s likely you might miss some. With the help of Eventprofs, you have a fighting chance to catch it all. Gathering the most popular event content from Twitter, this site is invaluable and keeps you up-to-date with the latest content and trends. If you don’t have time - which is likely - to check in to every blog, visit Eventprofs to view it all in one glance!

There is so much great content out there for the event industry and so many great sites and blogs that I just couldn’t fit them all. Here are some other (again, in no particular order) great sites that you need to frequent to come full circle on all event trends, technology, tips, and more. Show some love to your fellow industry brethren, check a blog out.

Corbin Ball’s Tech Talk Blog

William Gallus’ Gallus Events

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