Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Days: Every Event Professional's Frenemy

So, you’re snowed in. You've got events to plan and this means you have contracts to get signed, clients to meet, vendors to contact, invoices to send--the list is, well, endless, and Mother Nature has put a real damper (and a frozen one, at that) on your workflow.

Snow Storms are an unwanted visitor that many have been forced to welcome and the stress of things being out of your control can be a bit overwhelming. But here’s the good news: with Inspherio, you’re still in control. This snow storm is just another obstacle on the event planning path, and it’s important to remind yourself that you WILL overcome it.

Inspherio is right there on your desktop and laptop, cell phone and tablet. It’s here and there, everywhere, just for you and your business. You have to cancel that client coffee meeting because you’re not quite sure which large lump under all that snow is your vehicle--Inspherio has your calendar, safe and sound, ready to reschedule that meeting AND send an update to your client alerting him or her of the change.

You still need to make the employee schedule for the wedding your company is in charge of next week--Inspherio has the list of your professionals and is waiting to put them where you need them.

The bride needs to sign that contract you drafted so you can get the ball rolling for her upcoming wedding, and she’ll be wanting a copy of every single invoice--Inspherio’s got you covered. Click send and you've done your part. Have your client sign contracts electronically, view and pay their invoices through their client portal, and keep their events progressing. If anything, the bride might be the only hassle you’re dealing with, because Inspherio is here to keep things nice and simple for you.

Maybe you’re all caught up on work, all events schedules are in place and clients are satisfied, and you’re still stuck inside but determined to conquer your business from your bed. Now’s the time to hop on Inspherio and set up an email marketing campaign and reach out to leads. You aren't the only one snowed in and it’s highly likely there are potential clients out there trapped like you, checking and rechecking their email hoping for something exciting to happen. Be that excitement and let them know you’re ready to plan that event they were dreading doing on their own!

Now take a deep breath and relax; we’re here to help you power through #snOMG! Check out how Inspherio can you manage your business.

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