Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 5 Food Presentation Trends

Top 5 Food Presentation Trends

Simply setting out a large trays of finger food lacks that “Wow” factor, take a look at these food presentation trends that not only look great but can become an entertaining feature at any event.

Presentations with alternative containers - serving soup in a plain bowl doesn’t look exciting, amp up any soup recipe by simply serving it in a test tube or tall shot glass.

Free Form Plating - This type of presentation pays homage to modern painting styles. Placing a dish in an abstract way on a plate may seem careless at first glance but much thought has gone into it. Using different sauces to add color is not only pleasing to the eye but gives multiple options for entertaining the taste palate.

Presentations using organic materials - Using materials such as wood, stone, or slate lend a natural element to any dish. An added bonus of stone or slate is that they can trap heat to keep food warm, or be refrigerated and stay cold for hours to keep certain dishes nice and chilly through an entire event.

Landscape plating - This particular presentation style takes cues from the natural world around us. Particular landscapes or gardens that are related to an event can become inspiration to entertain guests of all ages.

Everything is better in a shot glass - Appetizers are great, especially with different sauces to pair them with, but it can be a bit messy. By utilizing a shot glass and placing the dip in the bottom and securing the appetizer on top is not easy to dip but also a very unique presentation of a simple dish.

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