Monday, December 16, 2013

2013's Most Creative Photo Trends

In the photography industry, there are always new trends and evolving photo concepts. Perhaps your client wants to have a minimalistic baby gender reveal, or use photo editing software to recreate a scene from Jurassic Park for their wedding. In 2013, photographers have done this and more to turn traditional photoshoots into creative works of art. We have compiled some of the most creative photography trends from 2013.

Gender Reveal and Baby Announcement Photos
These photos are not only fun and creative, but they capture a surprise message that lets everyone know about their upcoming family addition. Just by using chalk or a box filled with balloons has become an easy and innovative way to announce exciting news.
Photo Credit: Radiant Photography

Photo credit: Creating Memories by Tabitha Runge

Instagram Event Photos
Many couples are now using just their smartphones and an extra friend to take wedding and engagement photos. This shows a shift from providing a disposable camera as a wedding favor or multiple photographers. Stylistically, Instagram also has an influence shown by shots of wedding nails, use of filters, and even asking guests to tag their photos with a custom wedding hashtag.
Photo credit: @white_lightning 

GIF Style Photo
Previously only used for memes or advertisements, GIFs (a graphic image that moves) have recently become used in event photography. Specifically by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, who creates these moving photos not through video, but through several images painstakingly edited together.
Photo credit: Jeffrey Lewis Bennett
Photobooth Props
By setting out props such as mustaches, glasses, and picture frames, this idea allows guests to create lasting memories. This is not only for the guests, this allows the wedding party to relax and create their own photos in addition to posed professional shots.

Photo credit: kastyle photography
Surprising Backgrounds
This terrified wedding party viral trend did not last long, but this past summer several photos were edited to incorporate the most unique pop-culture inspired backgrounds. A definite change from traditional, stiff, posed photos these are sure to be an inspiration for 2014.

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