Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Wedding Day

It’s almost your big day, you’ve got everything prepared and ready to go, and people are beginning to tell you that you should enjoy this time as your day will go by so quickly.

But there are five things people just don’t warn you about on your wedding day.

Check them out!

1. You Won’t be Able to Eat

Sure, you’re probably thinking “oh, it’s because I’ll be so nervous.”


You won’t be able to enjoy the delicious food you picked out because you’ll be too busy running around trying to say hello to everyone.

And between pictures, I dos, and meets and greets, food will be the last thing on your mind.

So grab yourself a protein bar and power through.

2. You’ll be Exhausted

Your big day is full of excitement and special moments, which means after the party ends, you’ll probably be, no, you will be exhausted.

From the early morning wake-up call, to the hours of hour and makeup, to the big moment—you’re going to get tired.

3. Prepare to Hate Your Hair and Dress

After the millionth bobby pin is pushed into your updo and your six hundredth button fastened, you’ll be begging for your pajamas and a hair brush.

Although you’ll love your hair and your dress the first couple of hours, be prepared to hate it.

4. Your Face Will Hurt 
From pictures, to smiling at all of your guests, prepare to have screaming cheeks.

On your wedding day, you’ll probably smile more than you ever have in your life (well, we hope you will for that matter).

So practice!

5. You Will Feel Different

Most people say you won’t feel any difference between dating and getting married. Well prepared to be shocked.

On your big day, you will definitely feel different.

Although you've probably been with your partner for several years, the moment you get married it will finally feel official.

So enjoy the feeling!

We hope you enjoy your big day, and are pleasantly surprised by all the special moments that occur.

If you’re recently married, share with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page the unexpected moments that happened on your big day!  

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