Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taking off with our new office!

Due to the continued rapid growth of our company, Span Enterprises, we moved into its new office in Old Town Rock Hill. As our CEO Agie likes to fly, the new office is inspired by all things airplanes. Among some of the unique features of the office include:
  • When you get off the elevator to the office, you are greeted by an airplane tail.
  • Exterior aluminum panels from a Malaysia Airlines Airbus serve as "walls."
  • Seats from a Boeing 737 form the employee lounge, complete with fold out tray tables.
  • Drinks are dispensed from galley containers from Japan Airlines. 
  • The clocks for various time zones don’t have names on their faces, but instead have three-letter airport codes. 
  • The hallway is painted to resemble a runway. 
  • Three aviator chairs serve as the guest waiting area. 
  • Two of the light fixtures are built with airplane emergency exit doors. 
We were recently featured in a front page ad on our local Rock Hill Herald and also appeared in The Charlotte Observer. Below are links to the article as well as a slideshow and video walk-through of the office with Agie.

Tell us what you think of our new office below.

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