Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Maps for Your Business

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It has been a wild ride for iPhone users over the past week.  Apple released the highly anticipated iPhone5 along with the newest Apple mobile software: iOS6. 
Much to Apple's chagrin, the most talked about iPhone feature is one that is no longer there.  Apple made the decision to replace the iconic Google Maps tool, with their own Apple Maps. 
With misplaced landmarks, This new tool was immediately met with frustration and has been fodder for many late night talk shows over this past week.  "I've got an iPhone5, and Apple Maps says I'm in Norway" shouted Stephen Colbert in his opening bit this week. 
The frustration has been so prolific over the past week, that Apple CEO, Tim Cook issued an apology on September 28th, stating "We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better."
Google is rumored to be developing a Google Maps app for iOS devices, but it will not be ready for some months to come.  In the meantime, millions of iPhone users have been recommended to use other mapping apps such as Bing, MapQuest and Waze
What Does this mean for your business? 
This means that about half of your potential customers are now going to be using Apple Maps or another mapping app.  If you rely on your customers finding you at a physical location, you will need to ensure that your business location is mapped correctly in these applications. 
The new Apple Maps relies heavily on Yelp for business information, and it even links directly to your yelp page from Apple maps.  This means that if you haven't really used Yelp, or if you have some very poor reviews published there, you will want to balance that with more relevant information, photos, reviews, etc. 
Apple Maps also uses Localeze and Axiom to provide the basic name, address, and phone number of your business listing.  Use these sites to verify your accurate business information.

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