Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspherio Support Team: Your business works around the clock & so do we!

You know the situation, we’ve all been there: You are confused and stuck, you call customer service to receive a robot. You email-nothing. Live chat-might as well be a ‘live robot’. How frustrating?! We know your pain and that is why Inspherio is dedicated to making sure that if you have questions, you receive an instant answer!

If you can think up a way to contact us, Inspherio is available! Of course we have the basics of live chat (with a human being), 24-hour email assistance, and phone support minus the automated system. If you are the type that you like to solve your own problems and research them, well then we have the tools for you! Inspherio offers an extensive ‘Support Center’ which includes a FAQ page, Help Guide, video tutorials, and even updates on what’s new with Inspherio !

So that’s not enough for you? Find us on all of the social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, even Pinterest! We all know we check our Facebook like it’s our part-time job! And if pinning away on Pinterest isn’t addicting, I don’t know what is?!

As you can see, we are dedicated to the success of your business! Try Inspherio today free for 30 days, no credit card required! Visit Inspherio and start your free trial now! Or you can call the desk of our Product Manager, Fabiana @ 704-234-6000, and she’ll even give you a personal tour of all the benefits Inspherio has to offer

Watch the following video to see how Inspherio is there for the success of your business!

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